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Throw blocks in a level

Throw Blocks are purple colored Turn Blocks. Often used in Big Boo bosses, the throw block, as it's name says, can be picked up by Mario and then thrown at certain enemies to destroy them.

The throw blocks disappear in a puff of smoke after staying in Mario's hand for enough time, but there is a glitch that if Mario goes through a pipe holding a throw block, it will last until the player throws it at a wall or it hits an enemy.

When thrown, throw blocks will slide across the ground much like a shell and shatter when hitting a wall. It is interesting to note that when the throw block is sliding along, Mario will pass through it as if nothing were there. However, if he were to spin jump on it, he would bounce off of it like he would a spiky enemy.

Another interesting fact about the throw blocks is that they are not sprites, they are normal blocks just like a muncher or a cement block. They only turn into a sprite once they are picked up by Mario.

The throw block is block ID 0B. When it's picked up, it becomes sprite 53.

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