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This is Thirdspace before any levels have been completed.

Thirdspace is a very well hidden secret world in FPI's game, The Second Reality Project Reloaded. This world is largely comprised of remake levels from Chaos CompleXX; it is the home of the Roboxx'. The world is located in another dimension. It is not easily found, for if you even find the entrance to the world, you must solve a few puzzles before you can enter the actual world. And once the world is entered, Mario is trapped inside. The only way to leave Thirdspace is to clear the final level.



A screenshot of the level "Neverfly Fortress", compared with the same area in the original Chaos CompleXX level "fight against enemy".

Since the world itself is one large remake of Chaos CompleXX, many level designs in that game can be found in just one level. Here are the levels, as well as the original levels that they are remakes of.

Level Original level(s)
Sillyclone Hilly field of koopers 1, field of koopas2
Perplex Rosa Rosa Perplex 1, Yelloh heaven zone, Perplex Rosa 2
Haunted Health house of the damned, HOUSE IN YALLEY
Poker Port water level here, UnderWater Roadtrip
Neverfly Fortress unique castle, fight against enemy, Hyper Zone
Pyra Psychodelic in the air of koopa, BABZAIS YALLEY
Darkness Royal darkness place, BlACK HEAT BAT GUYS
Ultra Multichaos boss level, ULTRA MULTICHAOS
Chaos CompleXX (New level created for TSRPR)
Braindamaged Finale Chaos CompleXX

Accessing Thirdspace

To find Thirdspace, you must do the following:

  • Play the game as normal until you clear Acoustic Castle. You will see the usual cinematic where Mario retrieves the Yoshi egg from the castle and destroys it, except the mountain in the background is changed to resemble the volcano from the previous world, and the text will note, "Ludwig von Koopa's last composition will probably be lost forever, since it crashed in the volcano along with his castle."
  • Return to Donut Volcano to find that a new level has appeared in front of the pipe leading to the next world.
  • Ensure that you have both the cape power-up and the Blue Switch activated within the Scrap Brain Zone level.
  • Enter the new level, Crashlanded Castle.
  • As the level begins, enter the castle to discover that the level is actually a remake of "Bowser's Secret Room" from the original Second Reality Project game.
  • Fly up to the top of the screen, and grab the P-Switch in the turn block.
  • Fall back down to the ground, and go over past the composition to an apparent dead end. Press the P-switch you acquired earlier. You will then find a blue door. Enter it.
  • You will enter a room that wasn't in the original level. Jump towards the wall that is marked with a question mark to find a secret path with a question block holding a roulette power-up. Grab the Starman if it comes up in this roulette.
  • With star power, quickly find a pool of lava darker than the rest and fall into it. As long as you have star power, you will be able to swim in it. Swim to the other side of the lava and enter the door you find.
  • In the next room, you will find a boss door with blue blocks below it. If you somehow forgot to hit the Blue Switch, just enter the other door and go through the subsequent room until you return to the room with the composition. Otherwise, enter the boss door.
  • In the next room, walk through the wall on the right for another secret pathway. You will then see a dimensional gateway and a message box next to it saying, "WARNING! Malfunction detected! Internal error occured at address x1F11. No exit location set. Do not enter the Gateway!" Don't let this scare you, just enter it.
  • As you find youself hurled through the dimensional rift, you will see a message saying, "WARNING! No transfer beam enabled. No exit location set. Please change your gateway settings and restart the system." After this message, move to the right of the screen. If you don't, you will die. When you get as far to the right as you can, position yourself on the middle of the screen so you will land safely on a platform similar in structure to the Orbital Station in the Second Reality. Below this platform, you will find another dimensional gate. Enter the gateway to enter the actual Thirdspace world.

The Enemies From Thirdspace

Many of these enemies are counterparts to enemies that exist in the First and Second Realities. A few of the characters here are actually not your enemies, but those that help you on your journey, especially Marty Mole. Click any of these images to enlarge them.

for some reason the gallery won't display...

The Significance of Thirdspace

Not only does Thirdspace serve as a remake of the Chaos CompleXX hack, it is also an important contribution to the overall storyline of the Second Reality Project series. As explained by Marty Mole in the Chaos CompleXX level within the game, the Roboxx' are the ones responsible for giving Bowser the gateways and resources needed to build his power supply station and invasion fleet within the Second Reality. After Mario foils the Roboxx' plot to destroy the First Reality with their Glitch Cannon, Zycloboo (who appears in the sequel, The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge) appears to him, saying that he had studied Mario and his ordeals and tribulations for quite some time, having taken an interest to his impressive abilities. He then assists Mario in sending him back to the First Reality. Following this, Zycloboo explains to his meek underling, a seemingly normal Boo, that since Mario was able to save the first and second Realities from the Roboxx', he is confident that Bowser will be defeated as well. And should the invasion be thwarted, Zycloboo would only have Mario to worry about.

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