The koopa disaster

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old storyline

after deafeating bowser sveral times, the mushroom kingdom sends mario on a luxury cruise to the kingdom of subcon. little did mario know that some koopa's hid in that ship under bowsers order. halfway through the trip, the koopa's threw the ship driver out the window, they drove the ship to nowhere, and abandoning on all the emergency ships. they then crashed on an unkown continent. there, he must find the mage of teleportation back to the mushroom kingdom before they attack.


after defeating bowser several times, mario desides to take a cruise to subcon. unfortunately, bowser bombs mario's ship and strands him on an unkown contenent. now bowser is aiming to destroy toad town first, and mario must make it back before he does!

behind the scenes

this hack is made from swamp cecil from the middle 2009 - 2010. it is almost done, and its estimated to be done in 0.5 month to 1 month. it all started out as an expirement for the overworld, but is now a fully pleged hack.

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