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The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge



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The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge (TSRP2) is a full hack of Super Mario World that was created by FPI. It was a sequel to The Second Reality Project, which had no custom overworld, sprites, graphics, or music.




The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge contains 9 worlds, 91 levels and 109 exits. The levels can vary wildly, with several different themes present in the game, many of which were nonexistent in the original SMW. There are also eight top secret areas hidden throughout the game (one in each world except the eighth, which is found in the seventh world as well), all requiring switches to be pressed, but one of which leading to the Lost World.


The game's overworld consists of mostly land and submaps with different themes. The path always sticks to the main goal, with secret paths not used as shortcuts to skip chunks of the game, but rather some small parts of it. Some world themes are mixed.


TSRP2 contains some original SMW graphics, but mostly includes many graphics from other SNES games. These are not perfect, however, so style clashes could sometimes be seen, and some graphics have flawed palletes.


There are quite a few custom sprites, something that was achievable late in the game's development. FPI took advantage of this and added things like Venus Fire Traps and Snifits.


One day, at the Mushroom Kingdom, a one-eyed Boo appears and transports Mario's castle into the Second Reality. The Boo appears to Mario and introduces himself as Zycloboo, telling him that the Second Reality is under his control and he's taking over the kingdom back in the First Reality while Mario's gone. Zycloboo informs Mario that if he wants to return home, he must find the Power Supply Station that Bowser built during his invasion fleet plot in the first game. Hitting the power switch would enable Mario to warp back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

So Mario makes his way across the Second Reality again, confronting Zycloboo multiple times. As he draws near the Power Supply Station, Mario discovers that Zycloboo had captured his friends and is now holding them in the Second Reality. After being forced to move through a labyrinth, he manages to get to where his friends were held, only to find that Zycloboo had taken them to Mario's castle. With no other options, Mario enters the Power Supply Station and enables the switch. Suddenly, Zycloboo reveals that he had been using Mario all along, as the evil Boo cannot activate the switch himself, being a ghost and all. Now Zycloboo has unlimited powers, and Mario has no choice but to return to his castle, save his friends, and stop Zycloboo once and for all.

Upon entering the castle, Mario discovers that it had been transformed into a terrifying version of its former self. After braving the dangers within, he learns from his newly rescued friends that Zycloboo has been growing massive thanks to his new powers. Using a Warp Zone, Mario heads into outer space, trailing Zycloboo all the way to Bowser's long dormant Orbital Station, where Zycloboo had been overseeing Mario's journey. Mario manages to get inside Zycloboo's colossal body and destroy him from inside out, leaving only his singular eye. Regretting his use of Mario in his plans, Zycloboo engages one last battle against the plumber. Mario emerges victorious, and peace returns to both dimensions.


Zycloboo makes an appearance in The Second Reality Project Reloaded, a remake of the game in which this is a sequel to. He has two scenes that explain his interest in Mario and why he can't activate the power switch in the Power Supply Station himself.

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