The New Devious Four Chronicles

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The New Devious Four Chronicles
TDFC's Basic Logo:  Made by user Sniggerb0bble
Authors: metalgearhunter, S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
Number of Hacks: 11
List of Hacks: #1: Racter's Attack
#2: Magna Meltdown
#3: The Crater
#4: Hunter's Revenge (Recharged)
#5: Future Flash Recall
#6: Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged: Hunter Strikes Back
#7: The Fourth Sector
#8: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return
#9: Hunter's Revenge 4: Retnuh's Fire
#10: The Blackhole
Finale: The Four Orbs
Status of Latest Hack: Episode 3: The Crater ~ 95% Complete

The Devious Four Chronicles is a recently renewed series of hacks that feature a dark storyline told over a long period of time. These hacks heavily rely on story based elements in order to work. 'Four' a link to the old page, visit The Devious Four Chronicles. The series of hacks is started by metalgearhunter and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.. The series at first known as the Hunter and SCORPION Mythos, but with help from members of the community, the name was officially changed from Hunter and SCORPION Mythos, to Devious Four Chronicles. It is unknown whether or not the name will stay or go back to "Hunter and SCORPION Mythos", considering the fact that the series mainly follows under the two villians Hunter and SCORPION. Since the series is told over long periods of time, age is not a factor that is to be counted.

The Old Devious Four Chronicles is something a lot of people might want to forget. S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.; however, feels that it shouldn't be.

“These were good times. The old Devious Four Chronicles isn't something that has to be forgotten. The most important thing to remember about the series is that we've had fun and a good time making it. During these 2 (or maybe 1) year(s) we've been together, we've made good friends, and found ways to improve our hacking skills and story making skills at the same time. Let these times not be forgotten, but cherished, and remembered; so that when other people look at how far something can get, they don't have to afriad to try. It needs to remembered so that people will not only be inspired to make a series, but so that something like this, never happens again.”
-S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.; Founder of the original series

S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. for one has learned a lot from the experience, and is sure everybody else involved has too. Now, even though the group split up and removes references, that doesn't mean the story ends. As you know, the Devious Four Chronicles is still on going; however, Sniggerb0bble's and Chikane's legacies live on as well. Check out the Destructive Devastating Duo Saga (or D3) for hacks that have Randor and Sniggerbobble. Who knows, maybe one day there'll be a nice hack where all four of them meet up, like an anniversary thing. This would be counted in Hunter and SCORPION's Bet 2: The Twilight Gem, as Sniggerbobble and Randor were planned to be included in this, it isn't official however. It has now been confirmed that they will not be in Hunter and Scorpion's Bet 2


Main Characters (Villians)

Almost all of the characters in the Devious Four Chronicles are original. Most of these characters will show themselves as the Chronicles progresses. A few characters have originated from different games from different universes, such as SEGA. The main cast mostly consists of the villians. Most characters are reaccuring; however, some will dissapear for a short while and reappear in another hack later on.


-Full Name:

Racter Triad Megale

-Created By:


-Game of Origin:

Devious Four Chronicles #1: Racter's Attack

-Appeared in:

The Devious Four Chronicles #1: Racter's Attack

The Devious Four Chronicles #2: Magna Meltdown

The Devious Four Chronicles #3: The Crater

The Devious Four Chronicles #9: Hunter's Revenge 4: Retnuh's Fire

The Devious Four Chronicles #10: The Blackhole

The Devious Four Chronicles Finale: The Four Orbs


Racter is a self-centered, but sense-thinking kind of guy. Racter likes to hide his face by wearing an intimidating mask, considering his real face is not so scary. When Racter fights, he tries to stay away from his enemy, seeing as he has great long range power, but a weak stature. Racter is not as mean as he is as trying to be intimidating. As Racter is selfish, he wants to use the Earth as his home or location of center control when he rules the universe. Every planet Racter has visited has succumb to his power and accepted him as ruler. He hates Hunter (Retnuh possessed) and SCORPION for running into a few of his planets and destroying them for some unknown reason.


Racter was created, along with the other Devious Four Members in the far edges of the galaxy. As the others, he started as a floating orb, but his element is Selfishness. Over the centuries, he soon formed his own body out of the embodiment of the selfishness of the planets he destroyed. When he gained his new found body, he took over planets and now has over 50 thousand under his rule. Most have been destroyed by Hunter and SCORPION for no unknown reason.

When Retnuh possessed a being by the name of Hunter, and Magna gained his body, as well as SCORPION gaining his, they all met and traveled for about 5 centuries, destroying planets, but over the time, Hunter and SCORPION pushed Racter around and over the time, they done exactly what ONLY they wanted to do, and never considered his opinion. Now Racter steers clear of Hunter and SCORPION and ultimatly hates them, though is afraid to show it to them knowing they could make the Devious Four the Triad Three...

Racter will now only call Hunter and SCORPION in dire emergencies.

-Fun Facts:


-Full Name:

-Created By:

-Game of Origin:

The Devious Four Chronicles #2: Magna Meltdown

-Appeared in:

The Devious Four Chronicles #2: Magna Meltdown

The Devious Four Chronicles #3: The Crater

The Devious Four Chronicles #6: Hunter's Revenge 2 Recharged: Hunter Strikes Back The Devious Four Chronicles #8: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return - By Metalgearhunter

The Devious Four Chronicles #9: Hunter's Revenge 4: Retnuh's Fire

The Devious Four Chronicles #10: The Blackhole - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

The Devious Four Chronicles Finale: The Four Orbs -Personality:


-Fun Facts:


A drawing of Scorpion made in Paint.  The background is a random valconic picture.

Full Name:

Scorpion Animorphous Malice

S. -Super C. -Catastrophic O. -Organic Machine. R. -Ratified and P. -Purposed I. -In O. -Overall N. -Nutrilization

Created By: S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

Game of Origin: #3: The Crater

Appeared in:

#3: The Crater #4: The Fourth Sector #6: Hunter's Return #10: Retnuh's Fire #11: The BlackHole The Four Orbs


Scorpion is said to be the leader of the Devious Four; however, contrary to popular belief, he is not. Scorpion is the Technological Inventions and Planning Expert of the group. He represents the "Orb of Dread". Scorpion has the habit of creating a machine army, more so, he is constantly designing more machine troopers to help fight Mario. His ultimate goal is reach the Orbitual Void. He believes that destroying the Mushroom Kingdom will yield the wanted results and generate the portal needed. Scorpion's personality is that of a jokester; although at the same time, it isn't hard to take him seriously. One can easily tell if he is either joking around or being serious. He hates it when people joke with him though. During the course of #3: The Crater, Scorpion convinces himself that he despises Alanea. He is constantly calling her sidekick and never taking her seriously. This is considered "light side". Scorpion shows his "dark side" in the final areas of hacks he stars in, this can be easily seen in "Scorpion's Synth". His arrogance and his dark designs further enforce the name "Orb of Darkness"

In the Spinoff hack, The Furnace Mishap, Scorpion is shown to have a more lively side. He is in constant contact with his drones and it revealed that he and Hunter planned for Mario to head for their keeps, but never the furnace. It is also suggested that he has issues with Hunter. History:

In #3: The Crater, Scorpion arrives with Hunter on the planet Earth, specifically the Mushroom Kingdom. Scorpion immediately begins to survey the area while all of the Mushroom Kingdoms' inhabitants wait underground for the meteor dust to clear. He immediately comes to conclusion that this planet is far too large to destroy with just their mere power. This states that the planets they've destroyed were no where large in size compared to Earth. With the arrival of his drones, Scorpion's Workforce, he begins construction on vital key points in their domination over the Mushroom Kingdom. The Base, Hunter's Cyber Castle, the Furnace, and the Tower; located in Scorpion's Synth. With Alanea's story, it's revealed that Scorpion and his pal, Hunter, destroyed the planet Alanea lived on prior their arrival to Earth. Scorpion plans to do the same with the mushroom kingdom, which is probably larger than Alanea's planet. As each key point is destroyed, he gets more furious. He is completely serious when Mario confronts him at the Top of the Tower. Throughout the story of the hack, Scorpion is revealed more and more to be a comedian. He loves to make people laugh. Strangely enough, he is also seen as the one giving hints to player in each worlds' "Hint Palace".

In The Twilight Gem, Scorpion takes on more of his classic "Crater" attitude, and even reuses his Crater boss sprites as Player graphics. He also shows the ability of ground pound.


SCORPION is an Organic Machine that was devoloped on Arinid as a weapon that would save Arinid from the ones that enslaved it, the X's. The egg he was in was sent to develop in an unknown world known as the Plasma World. When he hatched as a child, he emerged from the world and fought for his planet... however, the X's defeated him and blew him away into outer space.

As a teenager, he landed on an unsuspecting planet known as Galaga. He grew up under the care of the King and Queen of that planet, (which was rather small for a planet) and raised as a prince. However, he was a bug, an alien, and didn't fit in with the other Galagians. (which looked like animals with human anatomy) He became lonely, and that made him bitter. Over the lonely years in space, he became angry.

As time passed on Galaga, he grew more and more lonely, which led to hatred. He hated Galaga... along with everything there. He decided to use an ability in him to grow and give birth to seven drones. (known as the First Seven) These drones helped him secretly convert the Castle into a Drone Mass Production Factory. After he had his army raised, he overthrew the king and queen and took control. He killed off all life on the planet in short time and converted the entire planet into a Drone Factory.

However, this didn't make his hatred go away. He hated all life in the Universe, and also saw the opportunity to gain in power. To do this, he destroyed planets. He will keep on doing so until he feels he is powerful enough to go back to Arinid and destroy the X's and restore Arinid to its former prime.

Fun Facts:

• SCORPION is the only one of the group to have 3 armies. • He is very smart, but also very VERY insulting. • In Hunter and SCORPION's Bet, he loves money. • SCORPION doesn't like Hunter very much, he does anything to get Hunter off his back. • SCORPION does not like Racter very well, but is completely okay with Magna. • SCORPION invented Sputnik... who is an elite merc that seems to be the most egotistic thing in the world. • SCORPION seems to know when Sputnik betrays him. • He will hit any of his team members when they are acting up. • SCORPION seems to have an obsession with both money and inventing things • Like all characters, Scorpion had an 8-bit sprite before S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. got better in graphics design. • SCORPION used to be one of the villians in Future Flash Recall, but is replaced with Magna.


Hunter with his evil side

-Full Name:


-Created By:


-Game of Origin:

Super Mario: The Crater AKA Super Mario: SCORPION's Wrath - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N and Metalgearhunter

-Appeared in:

Super Mario: The Crater - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N and Metalgearhunter

Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge (Recharged) - By Metalgearhunter

Super Mario: Future Flash Recall - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N and Metalgearhunter

Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 2: Mario and Sonic's Adventure - By Metalgearhunter

Mario: The Fourth Sector - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 3: Hunter's Return - By Metalgearhunter

Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 4: Retnuh's Fire - By Metalgearhunter and Sniggerb0bble

Mario: The Blackhole - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

Carter's Quest (ReVised) - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

Hunter and SCORPION's Bet: SCORPION's Ravage - By S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

Hunter and SCORPION's Bet: Hunter's Path to Power - By Metalgearhunter


Evil (Retnuh Possessed) Hunter

Hunter is a crude, destructive being with a temper to match. Hunter is fueled by his desire to kill Mario and everything he loves to get his revenge. Hunter is not very egotistic and knows when he doesn't stand a chance. Hunter ussaully tries his best to kill Mario, even though he never succeeds. Hunter claims he will kill Mario the next time they meet, but it ussually ends up the other way around at his final stronghold.

Hunter has an array of powers he can use against Mario, such as dissappearing and reappearing where you DON'T want him to be (quite strange, only Hunter does it when the other magikoopa DF sprites don't). Hunter has also shown recent new abilities in Hunter's Revenge Recharged, the ability to shield himself into a ball of power. Hunter can also launch projectiles from his hand.

At the end of HR2, Hunter recieves a power known as "Dead Power", which gives him an ability no one else has, the ability to control the after life and not die, though this really would have helped him if he had acheived this before his death. Hunter loses this power when Racter is able to copy Hunter's Dead Power and expells Retnuh, the true Devious Four Member which controlled him all along.

Good Hunter

This version of Hunter is only seen in Hunter's Revenge 4 and Mario: The Blackhole. Hunter has little power of what he had before, and he cooperates with Mario to destroy evil doers. His goal in life though, is to achieve his revenge: To kill Retnuh for taking his body and using it for nothing but evil (giving the series name purpose). In the Blackhole hack, Hunter is a spirit warrior, who is usually accompanied by his friend, another Spirit warrior he trained himself, Gyonsuki. Hunter seems to know alot about the after life and other realms and hidden worlds, such as Gensokyo. He is very knowledgable and usually tips Mario on things he should be aware of.


Hunter was a peaceful warrior on his planet, destined to be the greatest warrior alive, until Retnuh, a member of the Devious Four, chose him as it's host in which to evolve in. About a thousand years later, he went to Planet Ratrah, and fought thier greatest hero, Mier. Mier won about 3 times before he finally killed him and his planet. Shortly after, Hunter crashlanded in the Mushroom Kingdom through a meteor, ready to destroy again.

Hunter scowered and destroyed planets, but not on his own will, and now he has to live knowing he killed millions of innocent souls.

-Fun Facts:

• Hunter is not officially a Devious Four Member as it was Retnuh that committed all of Hunter's evil acts through him.

• Hunter has two actual sides to himself, Hunter, and Retnuh.

• Hunter is the only one to have held "Dead Power"

• He failed 3 attempts at his revenge

• Hunter actually fights the Devious Four after Hunter's Revenge 3

• In Hunter and SCORPION's Bet, Hunter is friends with the Devious Four (excluding Retnuh).

• Hunter hates SCORPION, but remains his friend on Hunter and SCORPION's Bet.

• Hunter can sense waves emmitting from objects.

• Hunter once had an 8-bit look.

• Hunter smiles alot.

• Hunter is selfish, especially towards the green stuff, MONEY!

• Hunter hates yogurt, and yoshi's.

• Hunter loves Ptooies.

• Hunter is the only Magikoopa sprite than can actually get in your freaking way!


Retnuh of the Flame

-Full Name:

Retnuh of the Flame

-Created By:


-Game of Origin:

Hunter's Revenge 4: Retnuh's Fire

-Appeared in:

Hunter's Revenge 4: Retnuh's Fire

Hunter's Revenge 4 Part 2: Retnuh's Fire

Mario: The Blackhole


Retnuh is the meanest of the Devious Four, and the last to be revealed. Retnuh by far, has the most deadly of powers, making him the most feared. Retnuh is a being of fire, therefore, opponents must avoid close hand combat with him. Retnuh has been the first to successfully takeover Earth and all of it's people.

Retnuh holds a power known as "Dead Power", which he consumed when he was expelled by Racter from Hunter's being. It was once believed Retnuh was just Hunter's evil side, but it has been proven that Retnuh was a spirit that had possessed Hunter and stole all of his power for himself, multiplying it with his original. Not much is known about him except he is a true essense of evil itself.

Retnuh is the ruler of the Evil Spirit world, and has even created his own Realm, proving he has alot more power than originally thought. Retnuh was once an immortal being, but that power was obliterated when Hunter used the power of the 5 Orbs of Power to destroy Retnuh's Immortality, thanks to the knowledge of the Cezar Council. Retnuh was once the greatest threat to all, dead and alive.

Retnuh has several unique abilities

-The power to control minds

-Control over Death

-The power to reside a piece of himself inside another living creature (unknowingly of course), so he may revive himself through that little peice and that creature's life force.

-Ability to control fire

-Ability to possess bodies, dead and alive.

-Ability to Spawn organism of fire

-Teleportation (flying too)

-Influention (force influence over powerful minds)

-Ability to open portal to the Spirit Realm

-Ability to revive an essense for his bidding

"Dead Power"

-Cloning himself

-Ability to fight temporarily after being killed

-Being revived easily

-Greater strength and power in the Spirit Realm

-Influence over dead (Fallen) beings


Retnuh, was once one of the original evils of the universe (Devious Four), and possessed Hunter. Over the time, Retnuh used Hunter to do his will, and he did. Retnuh later lost control over Hunter and had to be expelled by Racter. When Retnuh was split from his former host, he was a seemingly-industructible essense. In this form, if the Stone of Fire was to be destroyed, then he could be easily taken care of, but in this form, Retnuh's mind had a power to control evil individuals very easily. Retnuh also had the ability to give a sample of his power to these beings. With Racter's help, Retnuh got the Stone of Fire, and had completed his body, giving him immortality.

-Fun Facts:

Retnuh is the last of the Devious Four to show themself.

Retnuh was once believed to be Hunter's Evil Side.

Retnuh has the ability to create Realms

Retnuh has the most variaty of powers

Retnuh is only in 2 hacks of The Devious Four Chronicles.

Retnuh has alot of mind control powers.

Retnuh is the meanest of the Devious Four

Retnuh is the first to control Earth.


The Devious Four Chronicles is probably one the largest (if not the largest) series of hacks in the SMW Hacking universe, consisting of well over 8 hacks. All the hacks listed are in Chronological Order and follow under the titles of a certain "Arc". The "Arcs" are arranged due to similarities between two hacks, and the timeline it is in.

The First Arc - The Beginning of a Horrible Nightmare!

The first arc is titled "The Beginning of a Horrible Nightmare!" This is the introductory arc of the Devious Four Chronicles and introduces the main villians. The 1st Arc has 3 hacks total.

Devious Four Chronicles 1: Racter's Attack - An unknown being known as Racter begins his attack on the Mushroom Kingdom to take it over.

Devious Four Chronicles 2: Magna Meltdown - An entity known as Magna reveals himself and works with Racter. His plan, put the Magnetic Field under his control.

Devious Four Chronicles 3: The Crater - Two aliens from outer space arrive in a Meteor. They were called by Racter as "Back Up". This "Back Up" happens to be a lot stronger, and are coincidentially Cosmic Threats. They plan to destroy the Earth by igniting an invention of thiers, the Furnace! Mario must stop them at all costs.

The Second Arc - Revenge is at Hand!

The Second Arc is titled "Revenge is at Hand!" because it mostly features the hacks with the "Hunter's Revenge" Title, modified to be fit in the Chronicles. This arc mostly focuses on the two aliens met in Devious Four Chronicles 3: The Crater, Hunter and SCORPION. This arc has 5 hacks total.

Devious Four Chronicles 4: Hunter's Revenge - Hunter, from "The Crater", comes back and is mutating the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is alerted by this and goes on a spree to stop him. This hack is officially called "Hunter's Revenge Recharged!"

Devious Four Chronicles 5: Hunter's Revenge 2 - Mario and Sonics Adventure - Mario encounters the hedgehog, Sonic (from Sonic Hedgehog, owned by the SEGA Comp, we own no rights), who has apparently dealt with Hunter before. Now with Hunter's Capital destroyed, Mario suspects Hunter died in their final battle. Sonic believes otherwise. Mario and Sonic decide to head to Peach's Castle to receive council from Toadsworth and introduce Peach to Sonic, who is a hero where he comes from. Apparently, a month passes when they find out several villages in the Mushroom Kingdom are all empty of their inhabitants. Mario and Sonic decide to see whats up and encounter Magna! All the toads have been kidnapped and put in a facility dubbed: The Prison. Mario and Sonic blast through the prison in order to free them, but Magna stays on their tails, but what they didn't expect to meet there was a very powerful girl who holds a strange power. But it seems she is under control of something, considering she broke out of a containment pod. Mario and Sonic find out that there are 4 more prisons that hold her sisters, and they must be set free, or else something very evil will happen in due time. Mario and Sonic must now face their fate to free these girls and stop the mastermind behind the whole operation!

Devious Four Chronicles 6: Future Flash Recall

Devious Four Chronicles 7: The Fourth Sector

Devious Four Chronicles 8: Hunter's Revenge 3 - Hunter's Return

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