The Eggs of Saear

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The logo for The Eggs of Saear, seen in the title screen.

The Eggs of Saear is a hack started by Spade in 2008. It is currently a work in progress.


The main character is a boy named Aden, who found himself unconscious on a beach one day. He lost most of his memory, so he forgets how he got there. One thing he remembers is that he has to go to the town called Crois to the north for a ceremony. The Eggs of Saear, a set of magical, sacred artifacts sent from the gods, are showing signs that they are going to hatch soon.

However, along the way, Aden finds himself in a conflict with an evil bunch who wants to harness the power for their own shady agendas...

The plot is simple at first, but it later develops into a darker and more complex plot. The story is mostly all planned out, with deep backstories of several characters and even telling stories from the religion of the TEOS universe.

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