The Chronicle of SCORPION

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The Chronicle of SCORPION



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The Chronicle of SCORPION is the final hack to The Chronicle of SCORPION Saga. It is a short hack that contains three worlds. The player will either be Randor or Sniggerbobble.

The Chronicle of SCORPION

A short hack that is planned to be created after Mario: The Blackhole. In this hack, you play as either Sniggerbobble or Randor, and you explore 3 different worlds. These three worlds will give you more insight on SCORPION and who he really is. The hack will only have a final boss and mostly take place in SCORPION's temple.


This hack takes place after the end of Blackhole Part 2, and follows the main ending. (Alternate ending being the fact that SCORPION is totally wiped from existance) Randor/Sniggerbobble (S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N still needs to decide which character is going to be used, although it might be SB) basically discover SCORPION's Temple and they explore it. However, they are not aware that an ancient evil lurks deep within. Both Randor and Sniggerbobble want to gain great power, and find that easily achievable inside the temple. Unlike thier expectations; navigating the tricky place proves to be a big problem... and maybe the beginning of a new era of the word "fear".

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