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Text to mouse over for explain

To use this, use this syntax: {{MOText|Text that appeats when you mouse over the text|Text that you mouse over for the MOText}}


What you put/see in editor
What is seen on actual page
I like the <b>{{MOText|Which is a part of SMWC|SMWiki}}</b> !
I like the SMWiki !
{{MOText|Two admins of SMWC|Kieran and S.N.N.}} are members of SMWC.
Kieran and S.N.N. are members of SMWC.

And so on and so forth.


  • The centering of the text is not a part of the MOText template. That in the table to center the table text.
  • If you happen to edit this, please do not put anything below the </noinclude> tag.

Also, please use this to test it if you happen to edit this (Note: you will have to save the changes to see if it works or not, sorry.):

Kristain Kristian is my idol.

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