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This page should have some pictures, which I cannot aquire at this time.

Questioning uniqueness

Mario can do some form of spin jump (slow descend + very high in some games) by jumping on some stuff in NSMB, SM64, SM64DS, and propably some other games (NSMBW, SMG?). It doesn't behave exactly the same, but it should be called spin jump too.

I discussed this with a couple other users, and we felt that even though it is possible to spin in the air while jumping, it requires jumping off an enemy in those games and you fall slower, while in SMW you can do it off the ground, and you arguably fall faster. Jorshamo, Lord of the Wiki - 02:14, 10 December 2009 (UTC)

Questioning the questioning of uniqueness (very technical)

In the cases listed above, I feel that the variations in the games listed are much different, and can't be classified as the same action.

The "Spin Jump" in NSMB seems to only share the name, ability to break blocks (though not in the same way), and the spinning effect. Mario can only preform it after jumping off of a "Spin Block", which will launch him far into the air, causing a propeller like movement (I personally refer to this action as a Propeller Jump because of this). Mario will float down regardless of what powerup he has and will react the same with enemies he bounces off of, except that he bounces roughly twice as high. He cannot destroy bricks with downward momentum in this state. He can also preform a Drill Stomp in this state, which is somewhat similar to a Spin Jump's downward attack in the way that larger variants of Mario can destroy bricks, but Mario will still bounce off enemies and with even more bounce. In my opinion, if the action is more than 50% different, it's not the same action, regardless of name.

Mario can preform a similar move in SM64 & SM64DS by interacting with certain sprites. It follows the same rules as NSMB's "Spin Jump", except without the Drill Stomp feature.

As far as SMG & NSMBW, I am unaware of a movment similar to SMW's Spin Jump, for I do not own these games. Could anyone who owns these games clarify?

However, I do not consider the discussed actions as actual Spin Jumps for 2 distinct reasons:

1. Mario cannot preform the action on his own, and requires the assistance of other people/mechanisms, thus it is not an action Mario "has". I could say I could do a backflip, but leave out the fact that I would require a trampoline and a soft surface to land on, so could I truly claim to be able to preform a backflip?

2. The inability to crush enemies into a fine powder. Other than the spinning action, this is the first thing most people notice about the spin jump, and the most enjoyable part!

Yes, I am aware that Mario can bounce off of some enemies with a Spin Jump in SMW, but he can't with all of them.

Don't think I'm trying to flame or troll though; I'm just a very technical person who can be quite a perfectionist at times. However, maybe it is inaccurate to say SMW is the only game with anything resembling the Spin Jump. Maybe it should say "unique to SMW in the way that Mario can preform one without further assistance". Does that sound allright, before it is changed to say that and include variations from other games?

I8Strudel, 9:47 AM, 11th of December (PTC)


4 pictures of Mario in multiple statuses performing a spin jump is unnecessary. Please replace it with a single animated gif image.

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