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The Talk forum has the forum ID 2, and contains all the threads that can lead to any sort of discussion. It also has a variety of special threads such as the Birthday Thread and Photo Thread.

The Talk forum is moderated by Blumiere.


The Talk forum doesn't have many strict rules, since you can talk about anything that you might want to discuss there. Although, there are some requirements and restrictions:

  • All threads must have some sort of discussion value. If the topic you are thinking of making won't spark any decent conversation, don't create it.
  • No rant threads. They're annoying and no one cares.
  • No personal threads. We want threads that everyone can have an opinion about and have a discussion over, not something where we learn all about you only. You should put that stuff in your biography or include it in your introduction post if you ever make one in the Introduction/Leaving/Returning thread.
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