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Tales of Telenia



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sometime this year

Tales of Telenia is a story based hack, with a lot of ASM in it. I aim to provide a enjoyable ASM based hack, with new characters, but yet having good level design.



The evil, powerful artifact known as the Dark Star has been stolen from the Celestial Castle in the heart of Telenia. The citizens there, fear that the dark star's power is in the hands of evil, which is why a resident named 'LUCAS' has given a letter to Mario, inviting him to solve the problem there.

Most of the story is revealed in segments, as it is a story hack.


Characters are further developed into the story. I give a basic description to avoid any major spoilers.

The main Hero! How can I forget him?

A helper who guides Mario sometimes in the grassland and Arctic levels.

The seemingly good guy who guides Mario.

An old cave explorer, who loves to gossip. He helps Mario in cave levels.

This character has not been introduced yet.

This character has not been introduced yet.

Progress Videos

There will be four worlds in this hack.
Levels with an asterisk have Two Exits. Here, I only show the normal exit or include the secret exit next to it. JDC has decided to remake 4 levels from previously cancelled hacks, to contain all levels.

World1 - Grass

1-0 Toad Town
1-1 Welcome to Telenia
1-2 *Colourful Cave*
1-A Rocky Ruin
1-3 *Mushroom Madness* Secret Exit
1-4 Muncher Marathon
1-B *Platform Panic*
1-5 Creepy Cabin

World2 - Beach

2-1 *Sandy Steps*
2-A Wavy Waters
2-2 *Mossy Maze*
2-3 Conveyor Chaos!
2-4 Deserted Desert
2-5 Wacky Waterway

World3 - Ice mountain

3-1 *Arctic Attack*
3-A Winter Wonderland
3-2 Barrel Blast
3-3 *Athletic Ambience*
3-4 *Creepy Cavern*
3-B Frozen Fantasy
3-5 Cold Castle

World4 - Dark

4-1 *Twilight Town*
4-A Midnight Madness
4-2 *Dark Depths*
4-3 Celestial Castle
4-4 Challenge Cacophony


Progress Thread

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