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SyStemkraSh is a person who always had a need to create games when he was younger. One day, he stumbled upon an SMW Hacking video, which led him to ProtonJonSA's LPs, which led him to AzureBlade49's LPs, which led him to FuSoYa's site to download Lunar Magic, which led him to SMWCentral in 2007-2008. He lurked around for a couple of weeks, then gathered the courage to join. He started out as a shy newbie (but then again, who hasn't?), but he quickly learned to love the site (in a non-gay way).

During his time on SMWC, he had been around just before Arbe's Great Wipe of the hacks, the first C3, some hack attacks, and had some mischievous times as well. He gained a reputation as a vanilla hacker and 2 years later, sent in an application to become a Hack Moderator. He received the job some weeks later, but resigned due to being lazy.

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