Swooper Death Bat Ceiling

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Swooper Death Bat Ceiling
[[JI 00008.png
A Swooper Death Bat Ceiling as seen in Josh's Island.|250px]]

Sprite number(s)



Cluster sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX04 (SP4), requires ExGFX or remapping


0xB (Blue Palette)

The Swooper Death Bat Ceiling is a collection of cluster sprites that is similar in function to the Boo Ceiling. It will create blue Swooper bats along a straight line above Mario, who then fly down to attack the him. Any Swoopers that are generated by this sprite not only have a different colour to normal Swoopers, but they are invincible to Mario's attack, unlike normal Swoopers. Yoshi also can't eat them.

One important note about this sprite, however, is that its grapics were never quite finished. As a result, you have to create an ExGFX file to use it, or change the byte at PC 0x17FBB / SNES $02:FDBB to #$E8 to have it show the proper graphics.

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