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A swooper.

A Swooper is an enemy in Super Mario World that hangs from ceilings and swoops down when Mario comes near. There is also a beta sprite that is called Swooper Death Bat Ceiling that creates Swoopers across the ceiling, similar to the non-beta Ghost ceiling.

Hacking Info

  • It's sprite BE.
  • It uses palette D.
  • It's typically available only in the Underground and Underground 2 sprite sets.
  • It uses SP4, and its graphics are stored in GFX04.
  • Its roosting frame is in a 16×16 block with the top left corner at $2E. The flying frame with its wings up is in a 16×16 block at $40, while the flying frame with the wings down is in a 16×16 block at $68.
  • The sound that it makes is unique to it.
  • Prior to Lunar Magic 1.7, FuSoYa always erroneously claimed that Swoopers would either roost or fly immediately depending on its X position, with the distribution of hang/fly/fly/fly. This is now known to be false; Swoopers always roost.


Super Mario World 1 is the only game to feature regular green Swoopers. Swoopers have been blue in all games after Super Mario 64 except for the Paper Mario games, where they are purple. Coincidentally, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door features Swampires, which ARE green.

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