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SMW hacking, creating graphics, porting music

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The Tale of Elementia, A Severed Freedom, giving off a yellow glow, really bad puns

Supertails is an Administrator at SMW Central who first joined in January 2007, shortly after downloading Lunar Magic from FuSoYa's site. At first, he only intended to have a couple questions answered regarding SMW-hacking, but he found the community to be a positive one, so he stuck around and became more active over time. When staff apps were held in May of 2008, Supertails applied for a position as Local Moderator, receiving enough support to be considered. He got the job, moderating the Talk and Gaming forums, and later custom music and hacks.

In November of 2008, Supertails was promoted to Global Moderator, gaining moderating privileges of all forums. In August of 2009, he was promoted to administrator.

Supertails is very active on SMWC, checking on both the forums and IRC channel. He can be contacted either by a PM on SMWC, query on IRC, or contact via email. He generally tries to be patient and easygoing, but can act stern when needed.


SMW Hacking

Supertails is very interested in SMW hacking, particularly the more creative aspects, such as porting and composing music, creating graphics, working on a story, and adding some interesting level design. Some of the more raw aspects dealing with the coding of SMW itself are less interesting to him.

Though Supertails has created several SMW hacks, only two of them have made it past the early stages of development. They are listed below.

The Tale of Elementia

A hack in development for over two years. In this hack, Mario finds a strange book that takes him to a new world called Elementia, where he must free four elemental spirits to return home. The hack was, in many ways, a learning experience for Supertails, and a hack that showed his growth and improvement. Ultimately, the hack was cancelled with an announcement made at SMWC's Spring 2009 C3 event, shortly after the second demo was released. The hack's cancellation mainly came from a lack of Map16 and level space, as well as Supertails' general dissatisfaction with aspects of the hack such as the story.

A Severed Freedom

Asf 00046.png

Right after the cancellation of The Tale of Elementia, Supertails set out to create a new hack. A Severed Freedom began as a simple, jungle-themed level dubbed "IT" that was unveiled the day after Elementia was officially cancelled. "IT" was meant to serve as a taste of what was to come. For the six months afterwards, Supertails progressed on A Severed Freedom in secret, finally revealing the hack in SMWC's Fall 2009 C3 event. Like Elementia, A Severed Freedom will contain hand-drawn graphics and new music, but the characters and story are all-new. So far, no demos or other playable material have been released, aside from "IT."

Hobbies/Real Life

Probably one of Supertails' biggest interests is gaming. From a very young age, he's enjoyed playing video games, and has tried several over the years. Many of his favorites series include Mario, Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Touhou, Super Smash Bros, and Kingdom Hearts. Supertails enjoys music as well, especially game and instrumental music, and also is interested in creative writing.

Supertails is fairly quiet and introverted in real life, but tends to open up and be more social with friends. He is currently a college freshman majoring in Political Science and English.

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