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SMW Central User
Super Derek.jpg
Username: Superderek
Position: SMWC's "Official" Greeter
AKA: Derek
Age: 21
Join Date: May 7, 2008
12:07:30 PM
Known for: Story writing, drawling, and other things.
Birthday: November 13
Contributions: Contributions to SMWiki

Superderek is a friendly user who likes to help others out. He is currently 21 years old and is currently writing a story.
Some say he can be crazy, others who are closer find him very entertaining to be around. However, know that he is very creative and sometimes takes those ideals too far.

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He joined on 2008-05-07 12:07:30 PM and has the user ID: 2025. However, he has been around since 2007 but didn't register until later.
Some of you may know him as the creator of The Dimension of Destiny. Others may know him as the guy who brought Lord Mazon upon SMWC. Either way, he sure has many secrets up his sleeve.


Writing stories, hacking SMW, entertaining other, and much more.

SMW related Projects

Currently he is working on a team hack with imamelia with the name: Lord Mazon's World, Super Mario's Quest.

Hack's Story
Lord Mazon has found his way into the Mushroom Kingdom and has decided that Mario would be a good test subject for his research. Using the power of MCOD, he shattered a part of the Mushroom Kingdom into a few shattered islands and created his new castle in a hidden land. The new part of the Mushroom Kingdom now renamed Daraith, is composed of a few islands and a mainland of random geographic conditions. (Meaning that it has deserts and snowy lands.) He is currently testing MCOD's editing power. After all, this is his test. Mazon has also captured 7 of Yoshi's friends and trapped them in a egg to get them ready for experimentation.

Knowing that Bowser is against Mario, Mazon decides to aid Bowser and his army. However, to prove he isn't really aiding Bowser, he sent Princess Peach to a distant land far away. He told Bowser that if Mario dies then he will tell where Peach is. Mario and Luigi must stop Mazon from ruling the land. Where is the Princess? What is Mazon's goal? And who is the Ancient Master?

Not much else is known about the hack for now.

The Dimension of Destiny

Dimension Project: The Dimension of Destiny is a story Superderek has been writing for awhile now.

Story description
The story is about a man named Waylen who is working for an extraordinary hidden company called VFL. Waylen later finds out that after the recent disappearance of his old boss that his son, Mazon, is taking over a project that can allow a gateway into an unknown dimension. The project computer's name is MCOD- Master Computer of Destiny. Mazon plans to abuse the dimension's unique character- the law of conversion of mass is invalid here. That means that mass can be created or destroyed in this dimension. Using MCOD, he will abuse the dimension to create his kingdom and rule both dimensions. Will Waylen stop Mazon? Will Mazon be successful? Find out by checking out the story!

The story also has an official site located at


(Not to be confused with the character in Superderek's story.) Not much is known about Superderek's friend. Some say he really did take his account one day. Others still say it was a setup. However, some even say Mazon will come back, perhaps even as a user on SMWC one day.

About Mazon
He acts almost like he does in the story Superderek portrays. However, he is secretly nice. None knows his name except for Superderek.

MAJOR SPOILER: If you want to learn his first name, you must read and find a connection to Mazon in the story and use his first name. That, is his real first name.


He is also trying to see if he can help in the restoration of SMWika. Looks like he is getting the hang of it.

(To be edited some more later)

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