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Super Mario World Redrawn
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Demo 2

Super Mario World Redrawn is a graphics-only hack created by icegoom which can be used as a base for other hacks. It was started in early 2006 and the first demo was released on April 14, 2006. A second demo was released in March of 2007.

icegoom, tired of seeing other hacks with conflicting styles of sprites, set out to create a complete set of sprites in a unified style. He drew heavy inspiration from Mario Party Advance and Super Princess Peach. (Mario's standing frame is almost exactly the same as a frame from Mario Party Advance) He kept the SMW hacking community informed of his progress in a thread at Acmlm's Board, and due to their input decided to redraw several of the foreground sets, as well.

After a couple of months of working on the hack every day, icegoom grew tired of it and released a demo. He then moved on to an original hack, Mario's Lost World. The demo, although incomplete, was distributed around the community and was eventually uploaded to SMW Central. Many people began using it as a base. Annoyed that his incomplete work was becoming so widespread, icegoom spent a couple of days fixing some problems with the hack and uploaded an update to SMWCentral.

The hack comes with alternate graphics for several of the sprites. Originally, these were in .GIF format, but in the new release, they're in an easier to use .bin format.

icegoom still doesn't consider the hack to be complete, as it's missing separate Luigi graphics and new foreground graphics for the rope, ghost house, and castle tilesets. It is unknown when or if it will be updated again.

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