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An ancient relic from 2001, Super Mario World Overworld Editor is a utility by Jonwil whose only claim to fame is being the only other OW editor of Mario World besides Lunar Magic. Developed around the same time as Lunar Magic's own and akin to shaking hands with a snake, the only purposes of this program nowadays are curiousity and if you want to make a really retro hack. It's compatible with LM, though later versions may cause it to choke.


SMWOE's main window

Editing the overworld in SMWOE is somewhat obtuse, but functional. OVREDIT.EXE is the main program, and it is used to edit the overworld's layout. The only palette used is the main overworld's normal palette, although the tile selection can be in any palette 4-7, and any changes to the hack's GFX *will* be recognized. You may place either one tile at a time or a group of 2x2. The map data is shown in vertical blocks.

The other two programs are CDEDIT.EXE and CDEDIT2.EXE. These allow the modification of the tiles used in the events, or as the program calls them: the change tiles. The former edits the 6x6 tiles, and the latter the 2x2.

Note that there is no support at all for Layer 1, nor is there any support for actually editing the events.

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