Super Mario World: Twentieth Anniversary Edition

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Super Mario World: Twentieth Anniversary Edition is a Super Mario World hack being created by Camerin Neede. The first version, 0.1, was made available on Super Mario World Central on November 18th, 2009, and the second installment is expected to come out in mid-January.


General Information


Super Mario World: 20AE is a one of many vanilla hacks, meaning that it uses few graphics, sprites, or blocks that were not in the original Super Mario World. Custom music is, however, planned. The Overworld will, for the most part, remain unchanged, though minor adjustments will be present.

It is not the purpose of Super Mario World: 20AE to show off the finest in new graphics or custom blocks, but to pay due homage to one of Nintendo's finest games.


Without warning, Mario awakens to find himself on the shores of Dinosaur Land, upon which Bowser has wreaked havoc. Most of the island's denizens have been either captured or enslaved. As well, Princess Toadstool has been captured...again.

More of the story will be revealed upon the release of further versions of the hack. A good writer never reveals his entire book at once, after all.

What to Expect

Once Camerin Neede learns how to use Addmusic, future releases of the hack will feature custom music in some levels, particularly the Special World levels. The levels themselves will be far more difficult than they were in SMW, and the game's text will have a bit more wit than Nintendo cared to offer. More creative level names than DONUT PLAINS 1 are also planned. As well, the player will not be able to finish the game in twelve levels; rather, the Star World will be warped in such a way that the player will need to complete most levels before fighting Bowser. While some speedrunners may have a qualm with this, it is Camerin Neede's view that a player should have to play a game all the way through, and if there are to be shortcuts, that they ought to be very well hidden.

Super Mario World: 20AE is not, in any way, meant to insult Nintendo anyway, but to breathe life into an amazing game. Camerin Neede only hopes that his game will be half the game that SMW is.

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