Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land

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Super Mario World: Return to Dinosaur Land



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unknown; it was likely made before there even WAS a SMW Central



SMW1: Return to Dinosaur Land is a hack by RAGB. It is generally regarded as the only "perfect" vanilla hack on the site. It was first released in 2006.

The hacker apparently followed a very strict interpretation of the term "vanilla hack" and strictly used only what was given to him in Lunar Magic. Of course, hackers on the Central these days tend to play very loose with the rules and call custom palettes and tweaked backgrounds "vanilla", but not the maker of this hack. This hack has no Map16 work, no ExGFX, no ASM hacks or hex edits, no custom palettes, no custom music (AddMusic didn't even exist back then), no custom sprites, and no custom blocks.

As of July 1, 2010, it has an average rank of 7.4, out of 17 votes. There are nine reviews.


  1. Yoshi's Island (grass)
  2. Mushroom Plateau (mountainous, but not outright rocky)
  3. Wiggler Woods (forest)
  4. Frozen Valley (ice)
  5. Choco Peninsula (rocky; similar to Chocolate Island)
  6. Urchin Ocean (water/beach)
  7. Bowserland (cave)

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