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Super Mario Whatever is the placeholder name for an SMW Hack created by MrDeePay. Production of the hack started in late 2007, but after a three month hiatus in early 2009, progress has since sped up.



Whatever maintains the core gameplay that is atypical of a hack of Super Mario World, but numerous changes have been made in order to make the game feel closer to New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii from how the item box works all the way to Fire/Cape Mario reverting to Super upon damage. Mario has the ability to slide down and jump from walls and additional power-ups are being planned.

Whatever contains 86 levels that greatly vary in theme and difficulty with the task being for Mario to grab the flashing Star or defeat a fortress or castle boss to end the level. Progress of how many Stars have been collected is then acknowledged by a Star counter in the top-right of the corner during gameplay. Sprinkled throughout the map are levels with secondary routes, which often are opened up by putting a Key in a Keyhole or completing another task within the level.

The game is divided into eight worlds that (almost) each tie into a specific theme from an open grassland to a local city to high snowy mountains. Featured in each world is a Mushroom Hut that serves as a zone where the player can purchase items to go into their item box as well as play a Challenge or Extra level. Challenge levels are stages where Mario is (not-so) simply tasked to accomplish an objective under specific conditions. Extra levels are courses that are either longer or more difficult than any of the other levels in its respective world with the added condition of no checkpoints to fall back on should Mario lose a life during the level. All but two Mushroom Huts are hidden from plain sight on the map and the routes to them must be opened through various means.


  • During the three month hiatus Super Mario Whatever went under in early 2009 because of computer troubles for MrDeePay, the overall "packaging" of the hack was given an overhaul. Mushroom Huts were included into the game and absorbed any bonus levels that were located on the map, the damage and item system was reworked to function closer to NSMB, and the game map was given a complete overhaul with the exception of World 7's. Since then, various features have been periodically implemented and modified to maintain gameplay balance.
  • Progress of Whatever has gained two trophies at different SMW Central Creativity Conventions (C3). A Silver for Crowd's Choice of Best Screenshots in Fall 2008 and a Bronze for Judge's Choice of Best Screenshots in Fall 2009, though MrDeePay's profile has yet to reflect this trophy.


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