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Super Mario Underworld


Jacob, Uhrix

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Episode 2



Super Mario Underworld is an adventure/puzzle-styled Super Mario World hack by Jacob and Uhrix. Jacob is handling level design and ASM, while Uhrix is creating full hand-drawn tilesets and the overworld.


Picking up right where Hack left off, Mario falls into yet another bottomless pit. At last, the players get to see the dark underworld where Mario characters travel to upon losing a life. This time, however, Mario meets up with an unexpected foe who asks a favor of him. What will Mario choose to do with this? And will he ever make it back to the Mushroom Kingdom?


Solving a puzzle

The gameplay of Super Mario Underworld is a vast departure from typical SMW hacks. While the hack still takes place on a 2D platformer plane, it focuses more on adventure and puzzle elements. Mario must use and manipulate objects in the environment to overcome obstacles and reach new heights, and talk with NPCs in order to gain valuable clues to move forward. Mario is unable to get harmed by enemies, seeing as they're all already in the underworld.


  • Going Under: Mario arrives in the underworld and must board the train to his next destination. Unfortunately for him, his old foe Roth has tossed the keycard for the train gate over the wall.
  • Slow as Molasses: Mario's train trip looks to be a prolonged one, seeing as the workers have misplaced the oil needed to make the train run at optimum speed. Can Mario find the lost oil?
  • Shady Village: A troublesome Albatoss has destroyed the bridge to the Interworld Tunnels at Shady Village. Mario must enlist in the help of fellow villagers to help repair the bridge, and gather the necessary tools. Along the way, Mario becomes entangled with the affairs of the villagers.
  • West Tunnel: In the west side of the Interworld Tunnels, Mario must overcome tricky puzzles, deal with a multitude of eccentric characters including a hobo, become involved in criminal activities, and consume junk food in order to push on farther.


Mario interacts with Roth and other characters
  • Mario: After falling through a rigged bridge in Hack, the timeless hero of The Mushroom Kingdom adventures through the Underworld to find his way back home. Who will he encounter along the way?
  • Roth: After a shameful defeat from Mario in SMW2+3: The Essence Star, Roth now tends to the gate of the Underworld train. He's all but happy to see his old foe.
  • Daisy: Even though she was saved from the clutches of Tatanga in Super Mario Land, it didn't take her long to get struck by a Goomba and end up in the Underworld.
  • Booregard: Owns and operates the news stand in the West Interworld Tunnel. Known to be quite forgetful, but has a genial nature. His grandson, Frederick, is his apprentice. He tries to be as patient with Frederick as possible, but is often angered by his grandson's rebellious attitude.
  • Frederick: Booregard's apathetic grandson. He'd much rather be out having fun than helping out his senile grandfather with the news stand.


The hack is being released in an episodic format. The C3 demo, including the first three levels, counts toward the first episode, while each remaining level is being released as a new "episode". They are not released as standalone levels, each episode still has all the previous levels, plus the latest one added on. Episode 2, including the fourth level, West Tunnel, was released on March 4, 2011.

Soon after the release of Episode 2, Golden Yoshi and Uhrix stopped working on the hack. The ending has been posted at Golden Yoshi's House.


Progress Thread
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