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Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge

The Games Before Hunter's Revenge

Mario and Bowser must work together to defeat The evil menace of Hunter and SCORPION(only seen on SCORPION's Flash) and save the mushroom Kingdom from being destroyed. On destroying SCORPION on Wrath P3 (GARBAGE HACK), Hunter gets furious and retreats. In doing so, Mario has saved the mushroom kingdom from 2 NEW enemies.

Hunter's Revenge!

The beginning of a series has started and It is Hunter's Revenge. In this game, you must kill the evil menace, Hunter before he destroys the mushroom kingdom


After Mario defeats Hunter and Scorpion's Destruction, Hunter survives and witnesses the destruction of the ally SCORPION. Mario and Bowser outnumbered Hunter and they planned to do the same to him. As Hunter's FINAL battle came, he retreated. Amongst his retreaval, the Mushroom Kingdom was safe once again. A month later, Mario decided to take a trip to the 3rd Sector, (a simulator of the 3rd Demension) and encounters a DIGITAL form of SCORPION and Hunter(not digital). Mario did not know it was a trap and had to fight off the Digital form of SCORPION and Mario Barely won. As the battle raged, Mario single-handlely beat and destroyed the digital copy. Now that Hunter was once again left alone, Mario could beat him. As Mario reached Hunter, he came up the sun and Hunter retreated back to the REAL world, leaving Mario in the third sector. Once Mario escaped by destroying the sun, Mario comes back through the pipe he used to enter the 3rd Sector. As mario walked back to the Mushroom Kingdom, a Giant FLASH stormed in the sky only to reveal Hunter was not through with him yet. (This event carries on in a game called SCORPION's Flash.) Mario once again has to battle Hunter and the REVIVED SCORPION to stay safe. On the defeat of SCORPION, Mario heads toward Hunter's Fortress and Finally rids the world of him. Now Hunter and SCORPION are killed forever, that is what they beleived.

Story of Hunter's Revenge

As Mario reunited at Princess Peaches Castle a few years later, every one, Even Bowser decides to have a party at his castle for the destruction of Hunter and SCORPION. As Mario walks back home to his pad, he notices that a YI Ptooie has grown on the path. For some reason, it attacked Mario and Mario caught a glimpse of a freshly built castle. Inside, Mario encounters a stronger Ptooie, the head of the castle. Mario defeats it easily and countinues to head back to his home. On the way, he stumbled across yellow glowing land. As Mario attempts to walk past it, he stumbled into the ground only to be warped a Mutated Plain. Mario soon gets out and notices that all the mutation is coming from a castle not built long ago. As he enters, he discovers yet more Ptooies that attack him on purpose and figures out the head of the castle is no other than Hunter himself. Brought back for REVENGE against Mario, Mario escapes Hunter's castle and finds a Warp star. He uses it to get to the Sky world only to figure out that he has been warped to a MUTATED World. In the world, Mario sees a large Capital in the distance. Mario finds yet another warp star and gets warped to an infested forest. Mario travels through the forest and finds a hidden Hunter Castle. Once again, Mario must fight Hunter in a Death match to get out of the castle, and Hunter finds it amusing. Mario escapes to space only to figure out that it is not a safe place. Some how, Hunter mutated some of space too. What Mario did not know was that Hunter was leading him.

Hunter from Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge 2!. As Mario "Floated" through space, Mario encounters Morton Koopa. Mario has already figured out that the Koopa Kids were being captured, but he did not know why. Mortan explains to Mario that Hunter is capturing them to lure Bowser. Mario trains with Mortan and successfully defeats him. As Mario came down from space, he found himself on a little island and crosses through it. Hunter's Football Players did not stand a chance against Mario and Mario destroys their Canvas Fort. As Mario continues along the Islands dangerous route, he discover another castle ruled by the Alpha Ptooie. The Alpha Ptooie had its mind mutated to an evil state controlled by Hunter. Mario destroys the alpha Ptooie and continues along a set of mutated paths. Mario ends up at another castle and destroys it pathetic leader and goes into a warp pipe. He finds himself in a Mutated Cave. Mario travels it and heads through the Red Soil Temple. When Mario goes into the warp pipe on the cliff, he finds a Mutated Forest. The Mutation has caused the forest to produce Lava at it's most bottomless cliffs and finds the source of the Mutation. Hunter's Third Castle. As Mario travels through Hunter's Forest, he comes across his Castle. Mario finds out the Castle countinues to head up only to find Space. The Castle was and entrance to Hunter's Space Castle. Mario finds his way around and manages to find himself in a wierd world where he and Hunter have thier 3rd Battle. Hunter lets Mario win on purpose to let him into his World, the Hunter World. Mario travels through this dangerous world and Finds Hunter at the top of his Capital.Before Mario reaches Hunter's Capital, he ends up fighting a new slave of Hunter's, Bowser. Mario frees Bowser of Hunter's Control and travels through a big room to find he need 5 Dragon Coins to pass Hunter's Gate. Portals were set up in the room to any part of the world. The first leading to a Forest, the second into a factory on the outskirts of the Mushroom City, the 3rd into an unknown part of Bowser's Castle, the fourth into a Castle on YI, and the fifth into a Mutated Plain. Mario has now gathered all 5 yoshi Coins and can now enter the once restricted Part of Hunter's Capital, leading to Hunter himself. Mario Finds Princess Peach, or an Image of her only to figure out if does not win, he and Peach will die and share the Mushroom Kingdoms fate. Mario finds and battles Hunter to the death and wins. Now Mario and Peach head Home.

A screenshot from Super Mario: Hunter's Revenge! in the level "Hunters 3rd Castle".


1. Ptooie Island: 6 levels: 1 switch palace, 1 cave, 1 castle.

2. Mutated Plain: 3 levels: 1 Hunter Castle

3. Infested Forest: 4 levels: 1 Hunter Castle

4. Space: 6 levels: 1 switch Palace: 1 castle

5. Ptooie (little) Island: 5 levels: 1 cave, 1 castle

6. Mutated Path: 5 levels: 1 temple, 1 castle.

7. Mutated Cave: 5 levels: 1 temple

8. Hunter's Forest: 6 levels: 2 Ghost Houses, 1 Hunter Castle

9. Hunter's World: 4 Levels: 1 Hunter Capital, 1 Hunter Battle

[edit] The Sequal- Hunter's Revenge 2: Mario and Sonic's Adventure Mario and Princess Peach head home to find a lost hedgehog named Sonic. He travels with mario to get Peach back Home. After Peach is safely reunited at her castle, Sonic and Mario head home only to find a Factory and a Virus Node. Mario and Sonic pass through the Virus Node and discover an interesting fact.


World 1:

Name: Peach's Path

Levels: 6

4 Normal

1 Switch Palace

1 Castle

World 2:

Name: The Way Home

Levels: 6

5 Normal

1 Castle

World 3:

Name: Path of Discovery

Levels: 9

3 Normal

1 Venus Fly trap

1 Factory

1 Cave

1 Switch Palace

1 Virus Node

1 Castle


Name: A Mysterious Cave

Levels: 7

6 Normal

1 Castle

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