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Super Mario Odyssey



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Super Mario Odyssey is a Super Mario World hack created by BMF54123.



One year after the events of Super Mario World, Mario and his friends have taken a vacation to a new island. They soon learn of Bowser's presence on the island, and find out that he has stolen Yoshi eggs again.

Or so it seems. After Mario journeys through the Alto Plains for a while, Bowser's new Nightmare Base appears, and Mario explores it. Yoshi hides in a storage area, and contacts Mario remotely. He tells Mario that Bowser has learned how to time travel by using the Spheres of Light and plans to send the Nightmare Base into the past so that he can change something, presumably something involving Peach or the Mushroom Kingdom.

After fighting through the base for a while, Mario encounters a warp that sends him into the past. Here, he travels through the Village of the Sun, through the Candy Hills and up a steep cliff, and eventually finds the Village of the Moon. The inhabitants inform him that a Sphere of Light is hidden inside the Twilight Temple. Mario journeys to the Twilight Temple, defeats Stony XVII, and claims the Sphere of Light.

Mario returns to Bowser's base and reaches the cooling system section. The demo ends after this area.


Level 1A: Fuel Storage


Currently, Super Mario Odyssey contains 20 levels and 23 exits. The levels range from generic plains levels to technological bases to a floating fortress, and generally have a moderate to high difficulty level.

The demo ends when the player finds the second Sphere of Light and completes the cooling systems level. No one is completely sure if this hack will ever be finished, but a few screenshots have turned up of recent progress.

Past Overworld


This hack contains many custom graphics, although several Super Mario World graphics are used in the first part of the game. Custom graphics are located mostly after the player reaches the base.


Many unique ASM hacks are used in SMO, like the well-known Chargin' Chuck-based boss with its own health bar, as well as scrolling story screens and random power-up blocks.


Super Mario Odyssey is a very popular hack. Some call this game the best Super Mario World hack ever made, even though it's only a demo. The level design, graphics, ASM hacks, and plot are all widely praised. Even so, a few have complaints that the difficulty level is too high.

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