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Super Mario Infinity: Mystery of the Magic Wand



Latest version

"Super Mario +-Infinity" 1.2


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Super Mario Infinity: Mystery of the Magic Wand is a finished SMW hack created by Reading and part of the Super Mario Infinity series which also includes Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem.


Basic Information

Super Mario Infinity was started by Reading in December 2004 and was first submitted on August 4, 2006, shortly after Reading's registration. Due to a problem with backups, the hack contained several glitches, so Reading revised it over the next month, releasing the supposedly final version on August 26, 2006. Reading left SMW Central soon afterward. This version still contained slowdown and a few other minor problems, so Reading created a "Perfect Version" to address these problems when he returned in January 2007, submitted on January 14, 2007. He created another revised version on August 25, 2007, the same day Super Mario Infinity 2 was released, and released yet another version on November 22, 2007, which fixed a few minor remaining glitches. Although Reading never planned on creating a further revision, a fifth version was indeed released on June 30, 2008, dubbed "Super Mario -Infinity". This version was the most thoroughly changed, with added custom music and a revised level structure. The hack was revised to be less frustrating and more accessible without savestates.


A screenshot from the level "Secret Star 1."


Super Mario Infinity contains 10 worlds, 92 levels and 114 exits. The game's levels are much longer than levels from the original Super Mario World, making this hack one of the longest ever released.

Like the original Super Mario World, the levels have many different themes, and several themes are present in a single world. Most of the levels have a particular design theme, such as a crystal cave or a sunken ship.


The game takes place on the Sea Spot archipelago. Individual worlds primarily consist of a single island, with the exception of Worlds 3 and 4 located on the same island and World 5 in the sea. Many of the later worlds, however, do not take place on an island; World 7 takes place in the sky, and World 8 is located in Bowser's hideout deep beneath the Earth's surface.


Super Mario Infinity uses many custom graphics that are both ripped and original. The original Super Mario World graphics are rarely used, with the exception of objects such as pipes and the sprites.


SMI has several technical modifications, including custom sprites and blocks. Few true ASM changes are present.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Portions of Super Mario Infinity 2's storyline that have relevance to this game are also described.

At some point far in the past, there existed a demon named Black Plague. He was a monster dedicated to the corruption and destruction of mankind. He was known and feared throughout the world as a ruthless killer and tormenter, and some said that he worked for the devil himself. At a certain time, Black Plague became dissastisfied, wanting to increase his dark power. He sought the Cursed Gem, a powerful artifact hidden in an archipelago called Sea Spot and protected by its natives.

Black Plague came across a group called the Vengeans, led by a powerful wizard named Dark Merlinius. He possesed Dark Merlinius's body and used his new position to command the Vengeans into war with the Sea Spot natives to claim the Cursed Gem. After the armies had fought for days and many had died, Black Plague (in Dark Merlinius's body) challenged the natives' leader to a duel. The native leader retreated to his hideout, Galactic Glacier, and they fought atop a nearby mountain called Glacier Mountain. The native leader ended up winning the fight, but as a last resort, Black Plague knocked his Magic Wand away. As it fell, it spoke a prophecy to the native leader. It explained that someone in the future would find it and use the Wand against its own bearer to steal the Cursed Gem, and that this person would release the Vengeans and ally with them. It also explained that a "red hero" and a "green hero" would work to recover the Wand. The Wand dropped down to an island in Sea Spot, where it was lost.

The starting point on the overworld where Mario and Luigi reach the islands.

In peril, the native leader quickly grabbed the Cursed Gem and harnessed its power, sealing Black Plague and the Vengeans inside it. Black Plague was imprisoned in a building called the Temple of Terror. Black Plague left Dark Merlinius's body, but since he could not escape the Cursed Gem, he created a magic time bomb that was set to explode when he could regain his slowly-replenishing power; this would destroy Sea Spot, taking the natives with it and allowing Black Plague to escape and continue his reign of terror. He placed the explosive in an area at the Gem's center called Vacant Void. This void served as an afterlife for the soul of those who died within the Cursed Gem. Black Plague had heard the Magic Wand's prophecy and knew about the heroes that it mentioned, so he presumptively created Time Bomb Tower as a defense to guard the bomb while the demon himself remained at the top of the tower. The natives had the ability to magically observe some of the Gem's interior, and so some of them entered the Gem to attempt to stop the bomb. None of them found it, however, and they eventually died. Their souls were transported to Vacant Void, but they were unable to stop Black Plague and the time bomb. The bomb remained a threat for many years.

In the present time, Bowser was looking for a place to build a new hideout, and found Sea Spot, eventually finding the native leader's Magic Wand that Black Plague had lost. When Sea Spot's natives confronted him, it was too late; Bowser had taken the Wand and began using its power to create new weapons and technology to aid him and the Koopas, and as prophecized, he also found the Cursed Gem on the islands and released the Vengeans. With their secret help, he quickly invaded the rest of Sea Spot and used the Wand to kidnap Princess Peach, whom he kept at his castle in his hidden base near the Earth's center. As his plans began to move into production, Bowser used an area called the Testing Track to test some of his experiments, including the Cursed Gem and a device that simulated varying environments. Kamek and The Big Boo were forced to build a large, technological base at the center of the Testing Track which Bowser then used as his main base.

Sea Spot's natives, in their desperate situation, wrote an unsigned invitation for help and sent it to Mario and Luigi. Bowser knew the natives had done this, so he placed a curse upon them with the Magic Wand that prevented them from giving the Mario Bros. any information. However, by the time Mario and Luigi arrived, the spell had begun to wear off, so the natives were able to give the heroes small bits of information in the new castles of the Koopa Kids the brothers found as they explored. They pretended to write from the viewpoints of the Koopa Kids so they wouldn't be suspected if the other minions saw the messages.

Mario and Luigi didn't learn that it was the natives who had invited them until they recieved a message telling them about the invitation in Roy Koopa's castle. Following this event, in Lemmy's Castle, the natives prepared a hidden room of information for them, where they learned about the battle between their leader and Black Plague, as well as what Bowser had done. However, Bowser's spell was still intact, so the information they gave the Mario Bros. was limited; the opposing fighters were described only as "two wizards", and no connection to the natives was given.

The next place Mario and Luigi visited was Glacier Mountain, the very place the wizards had fought. Following the fall of Ludwig in the seventh castle in Galactic Glacier, Mario and Luigi escaped with heat-resistent containment suits and journeyed deep underground ("[Dark_Depths.html Dark Depths]") to find Bowser's new hideout near the Earth's center. Bowser was aware of their presence, so he connected the Cursed Gem to an explosives system in his castle, aiming to blow it up and kill the Mario Bros. when they reached it; the castle was secondary to the base in Testing Track. However, underestimating the Cursed Gem's true power, he was unaware the blast would destroy the entire world, and indeed, did not even know about the magic bomb already placed within it. Mario and Luigi shut off the explosion in time once they reached the castle.

Just before fighting Bowser, they recieved a message from the natives telling them to fly over the ceiling in the outside area of Bowser's Castle. They defeated Bowser rather easily and rescued Peach. While Bowser escaped to his base in the Testing Track, they followed the message's instructions and found Bowser's secret area. The natives were hiding here, and they were able to give Mario and Luigi more information, but the spell still hadn't fully worn off; they informed the brothers that Bowser was hiding in the Testing Track and told him that he would need to use Yoshi to find the keys to unlock the Star Gateway, which would open the way to the Testing Track. They had also sneaked into some locations where scattered keys were located and removed the protective barriers Bowser had set to prevent anyone from finding the Star Gateway, forcing Bowser to attempt to block them with "Yoshi Blocks"-blocks that could only be passed if Mario was riding Yoshi. After finding these keys, Mario and Luigi activated the Star Gateway, which eventually led to the Testing Track.

The Mario brothers had to pass through eight trials before entering Bowser's Base. These trials were set up by Bowser with the experimental environment simulator, specifically designed to make it difficult for Mario and Luigi to pass. Once they did, they navigated through the dangerous base and defeated Bowser once more. They escaped from the base as it exploded, destroying the Vengeans and apparently killing Bowser as well; however, Bowser actually escaped into the Cursed Gem, bringing his minions with him.

The brothers returned to the island they had arrived at to start the journey back home. On the ship, Peach informed Mario that the natives had boarded the ship and needed to tell Mario something. The game ends with Mario and Luigi entering the ship's interior, waiting to listen to the natives.

Super Mario Infinity's sequel, Super Mario Infinity 2: The Cursed Gem, continues from Super Mario Infinity's cliffhanger ending.

Spoilers end here.


An earlier screenshot from the level "Merry Meadows 3" with a partially incorrect status bar palette.

Super Mario Infinity is one of the more popular hacks on Super Mario World Central. The level design and the original story are generally regarded as the hack's strongest points. The level design has occasionally been recieved as being too difficult, however, and there have been complaints about the colors and status bar palettes. Many of these problems were fixed in Super Mario -Infinity, and the revision appears to be doing well, based upon reviews for the hack at Super Mario World Central.


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