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Super Mario Galaxy was one of Nintendo's most successful releases. This game features new style of gameplay, where laws of physics never stay the same from level to level. It was in it's own way the sequel to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine where it is required to collect power stars to complete a level.


Bowser has a new plot to take over to the universe and capture Princess Peach. Mario sees Bowser capturing the princess and tries to rescue her but gets shot into a faraway planet. From that planet Mario rescues his first Grand Star. Rosalina, owner of a comet observatory takes the Grand Star to fuel the observatory. After seven of the Grand Stars are collected and enough of the stars were collected Mario must go to the centre of the universe to stop Bowser.


Mario must go through a series of Galaxies with strange laws of physics that never stay the same. There is a two player co-op mode where a second player can freeze enemies make Mario jump higher and collect and shoot star bits. After 120 stars are collected Luigi is unlocked as a playable character.

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