Super Mario Bros. An nightmare tale

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Super Mario Bros. A nightmare tale is a two part hack by DiscoMan. There are no releases yet.

Super Mario Bros. An nightmare tale
Author(s): DiscoMan
Latest Version: N/A
Levels: 96
Production Status: Alpha
Thread: N/A
Download: N/A



Mario and his friends are going out for a picnic in Peach's castle when suddenly, Kamek casts a spell that makes everyone sleep.

Planning a revenge on Mario, Bowser uses Dreamulator to clone itself with the help of the Dark Star and then the clone seizes Subcon Kingdom.

To recover, Mario needs to save the Subcons and Peach otherwise Mario will be stuck in this nightmare forever.


This hack uses almost all levels from SMW and it's heavily modified to look like it's predecessor Super Mario Bros. 3.

Also, this hack includes moves from other games rather than jumps and will have a special feature.

This hack will have a secret ending.


An video can be found here:


Links to stuff such as release threads, downloads, etc.

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