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Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn


Gamma V

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Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn is a hack by Gamma V. There are no releases yet.



After the adventure on the Starlight Islands, The Mario Brothers, Peach, and Yoshi decided to take a vacation in the Kola Kingdom, a world whose only connection to the Mushroom Kingdom is the Great Warp Pipe located in the frigid Winter Valley region. This pipe is kept open by seven Star Keys. While the heroes rested on the beach of Tiki Island, they received a frantic call from Toad about the Mushroom Kingdom being overrun by monsters. It wasn't long before Mario received a second message. This time, it was from Ludwig Von Koopa. The message boasted about how Bowser had taken over the Mushroom Kingdom, and that since he and his siblings have the seven Star Keys, Mario can't go back to the Mushroom Kingdom and set things right. Upon receiving this message, Mario and Luigi set out to recover the Star Keys and return to the Mushroom Kingdom to save the day. So much for that vacation!


The music in Cerulean Lake, a level that can be accessed in Verdant Woods, was composed by Gamma V herself.

The idea to have Bomb Man as the penultimate boss was inspired by an ExGFX request.


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