Super Mario - the Monty Mole chase

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Super Mario - the Monty Mole chase



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The Monty Mole chase is Shellface's first hack.


While Mario was walking to Peach's Castle, a Monty Mole jumped out of the ground and robbed him of all the coins he was saving for a present! Determined to get back this small fortune, Mario sets off on a journey to find whoever was responsible for this robbery, and get his money back. Along the way he will meet an enemy-turned-friend, who has also been robbed of something, and is determined to get revenge.


World 1: An almost generic grassland-type world, containing Peach's castle and the Red Switch Palace.


World 2: A continuation of the first world. The Raccoon Leaf is introduced here. Also a fortress stands high on an outcrop of land.


World 3: Still continuing on from the previous worlds, this world is more challenging, even if it is slightly shorter.


World 4: Prime Woodland Your average woodland world (pending) Holds the Orange Switch Palace.


World 5: A water world, and possibly the longest world in the game. Holds the Green Switch Palace.

World 6: The cave world, and one of the shorter worlds of the game. Holds the Yellow Switch Palace, and a secret area linked to W4.

World 7: The sky world.

World 8: Ruins of Elceela A desert world which focuses on the remains of a civilisation called Elceela.

World 9: ~

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