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Mario is the main character of the Super Mario Bros. games. He is well-known around the world, and is one of the most iconic video game mascots ever. He uses Mario's Palette, of course.

Without Shigeru Miyamoto, there would thus be no Mario.

The famous plumber, Mario!


Mario is a slightly chubby Italian plumber. His appearance has changed over the throughout games, but his appearance in Super Mario World seems to be the one that stuck. Besides his outfit, another defining feature about him is his large nose.

The first game he premiered in, Donkey Kong, had him sporting a blue shirt with red overalls. In addition, he was known as "Jumpman" in Donkey Kong.

In Super Mario Bros. he donned a new appearance and name. He was now known as Mario, but his outfit was not like the one we are familiar with today. Instead, he wore a brown shirt with red overalls. His mustache also appears to be brown in this game, but this is presumably due to palette limitations.

Super Mario World marked the debut of the design of Mario we all recognize nowadays. He wears blue overalls and a red shirt. He has brown hair with a black mustache and blue eyes. However, the one key difference in Super Mario World's Mario sprite and the modern Mario design is the white circle containing a red "M" on his hat. The lack of this can be attributed to the fact that it would be difficult to fit a legible "M" into such a small space.

Mario's current design.


Mario is most well-known for his outstanding jumping ability. He is able to crush enemies underneath him by jumping on them, and he can perform a wide variety of aerial maneuvers, including backflips, wall jumps, wall kicks, and triple jumps. Another power he possesses is the ground pound, which allows him to crush blocks and other various things underneath him. He can also of course grow to twice his size by eating a Super Mushroom. He can gain the ability to throw fireballs, even while underwater, by obtaining a Fire Flower. He also can gain a multitude of other abilities from powerups, as seen in Super Mario World and especially Super Mario Bros. 3.

Job and Hobbies

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's creator, Mario is a plumber(Although in Donkey Kong he was a carpenter). However, in the games, the only time he is seen doing anything related to plumbing is when he is travelling through pipes. He seems to have rescue the princess quite often, so that probably occupies a lot of his time. In his spare time, he enjoys a wide range of activities, including tennis, basketball, soccer, go-kart racing, golf, and more.

Mario's death animation in SMW/SMAS+W
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