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Water World 1 Secret Exit

When you reach the end of the level and emerge on dry land, enter back into the pipe you came from to reach a new exit with a goalpost.

Water World 4 Secret Exit

The first thing you have to do in this level is to ignore the key and blue P-block and swim as far right as you can, until you’re blocked by the electric jellyfish. When you reach this point, swim up the pipe in this area and take a koopa shell and go back down into the water. Use the shell to hit the lone yellow block in this area and reveal a gray P-block. Don’t hit this yet. Instead, go back and get the key, which is back at the beginning of the level, just take the bottom path instead of the top one. Bring the key to the area with the keyhole and drop it in there, through the enemy-only blocks. Next, find the blue P-block, which is directly below the keyhole area (swim left, down, and then right to reach it). Bring it back with you to the area where the gray P-block is and hit them both. Collect the coins around the pipe on the left EXCEPT for the one right below the pipe on the right, since you’ll need this one to change back to solid so that you can stand on it and enter the pipe. This pipe will lead to the keyhole and the key, assuming you left the key there like you were supposed to.

Water Secret Secret

If you have a blue shell or lakitu cloud, you can use it in order to ascend into the skies above the toad’s house and reach a secret exit that leads to World 7.

Ship Graveyard Secret Exit

There is no secret exit here. The key is an accident. Ignore it. This is only an issue in SDW:TLC version 1.0, though.

Water Castle Secret Exit

Continue through this level as normal until you reach the area with the rising/falling tide. Once you pass the initial room and enter the area with the swinging ball and chains, you’ll notice a pit at the beginning of this area. “Fall” down it to reach the key and keyhole.

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