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Sky World 2 Secret Exit

First of all, find a koopa shell to take with you. You’ll need it. Then go through the level until you get past having to squeeze through the yellow pipes with piranha plants. After this, go down the “pit” and head right under the blocks, and you’ll see the key and keyhole. Use the shell to destroy the block in your path, and go into the small area and exit the level.

Sky World 3 Secret Exit

NEED: Cape

At the beginning of the level, fly left with your cape to reach an area with the key and keyhole.

Sky World 6 Secret Exit

Continue through the level as normal until you reach the area with 6 question mark blocks next to each other, right before the small cloud platforms. Fly up here (or use a Lakitu’s cloud) to reach a pipe that will take you to a new area. Note the background here, we’ll call it the “day” version of this area. Head down and left to find a yellow block with a P-block inside. Take the P-block and head right until you reach an area with a lone “?” block with a coin inside. Use the P-block here and climb the “?” blocks that appear and enter the pipe. You’ll now be in the “morning” version of the area. Head to the right, remaining on the top path, until you reach a pink pipe. Go into this pipe to reach the “night” version. Head all the way to the right to find the key. Take the key and go in either of the two pipes you entered before to go back to the “morning” version. Now head all the way to the right and enter the pipe to return to the “day” version. Once again, go all the way to the right to find the keyhole and exit the level. Whew.

Sky Castle Secret Exit

In the second area, with the Magikoopas, near the end, there are three breakable blocks above one of the platforms. Hit the one on the right to get a P-block. Bring the P-block into the next area and hit it, which will reveal some coins underneath the arrow pointing up. Go in the middle of those coins and hit “up” to enter an invisible door and reach the key and keyhole.

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