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Bowser's Castle SUPER SECRET Exit

NEED: Cape

Yea, this one is really tricky. Bear with me.

In the beginning area, head to the right past the lava pit and climb the chain to reach a higher room. Go past the spikes and enter the door here. In the next area, head left across the lava pits and take the first door you find. Now head to the right, and take the second door in this area, the one above the lava pit. Next, you'll be in a room with a bunch of flames and on/off switches.. use your cape to fly up the passage and reach a door at the very top. The next choice is in a room with those spinning chain spike ball things.. go to the end of that room and drop down the pit before the door (angle to the right to avoid getting scorched by the statue at the bottom) and you'll find another door. Enter. In this room, do NOT get any of the coins. Hit the P-block and run to the left side of the room. Run and duck under the solid block (which was a coin before you hit the block). When you're under it, stand up and you'll be pushed left, through the wall, to a secret area with the secret exit.

Yea, kinda cheap, I know. Using a game glitch as the only way to find a secret world is kinda sketchy, but hey, shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. The secret world is pretty awesome. If you can get there. Go to the Star Road and notice the glimmer in the center...

...? Normal Exit

NEED: Cape

Run and fly through the level to the right until, near the end, you see a pit with an arrow pointing up inside it. Fall down this pit to reach a new area. Head to the right, then the left at each junction to reach the exit.

...? Secret Exit

NEED: Cape

This exit was actually easier for me to find than the normal one. To reach it, near the beginning of the level (but not the very beginning, it's somewhat to the right), fly up to reach a bunch of blocks surrounding a brown block with a P-block inside. Get the P-block and take it to right. If you hit the P-block, a bunch of coin arrows will appear above you that will lead you to a door, but if you hit the block right after you get it, the arrows will disappear before you reach the door. Anyways, you want to take it to the spot right after the set of platforms with four pipes attached. Hit the block here and a secret door will appear in the middle of a set of platforms. Enter. This door will take you to what is undoubtedly the coolest area in the entire game. Anyways, head all the way over to the right, past the blue pipe. You'll notice here that there is a glitchy "?" block, and if you try to hit it, you actually pick it up, like.. a key? Take it with you into the pipe and, yes, it will transform into the key in this area. Take a left, then a right at the two junctions to reach the keyhole, and the Boo World.

NOTE: While in the glitch area, you will see FuSoYa and Relm Arrowny arguing with each other. If you shoot a fireball at FuSoYa, he (and the platform he's on) will explode. Walk to where he used to be, and you will fall and be teleported to an area with Chelsea posing and some extra lives.

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