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Pipe World 1 Secret Exit

Watch the intro for the trick to doing this one. :P Basically, what you have to do at the end is throw the key up in the air, duck, jump, press up to start climbing the vine (while ducking!), and then catch the key while on the vine. Then, you can jump left and pass through the blocks, because it still counts as you’re ducking or something. It’s probably a glitch, and you basically have to watch the intro movie to have a hope of discovering it without help.

Pipe World 2 Normal Exit

First things first, you should start this level with a cape. It'll make things a lot easier. But since not everyone will, I'm writing these directions assuming that you DON'T have a cape, because it's either that or I write two sets. So anyways..

Go up the first blue pipe. go in the right green pipe, right blue pipe, right green pipe, upper green pipe, left blue pipe, lower green pipe, lower blue, upper blue, upper green, jump to make four invisible blocks appear, then take the left green, lower blue, upper blue, upper green. You'll come out on top of the blocks that you made appear (although sometimes you'll fall through them, which is bad. If this happens, just loop again and hope for the best.) Go in the left green pipe, and then the third blue pipe. You'll reach an area with powerups. If you're small, be sure to only hit the blocks one at a time so you can get a mushroom and then a feather (instead of two mushrooms.) Go down the blue pipe, up the fourth green pipe, left green, right green, down blue, and hit the block here with your cape to get a P-block. Bring it with you of course. Then go up green, left green, up green, left blue (this should be familiar..), lower green pipe, lower blue, upper blue, upper green (again, try not to fall through the blocks), left green, up the 6th (green) pipe, down, right, left, right. Hit the P-block and go down the pipe.. phew!

Pipe Fortress Normal Exit

NEED: Cape

If you’ve never played Mario 3, you may have trouble with this one. Basically, what you have to do is collect a feather and then fly up in the “dead” room to find a pipe and go in there. If you need to find a feather, there’s a P-block in the main room full of destroyable blocks. It’s in the top block four to the right of the two metal blocks. If you hit it, a secret door will appear that leads to power-ups.

Pipe World 5 Secret Exit

NEED: Yoshi

This secret requires a Yoshi, and since this level features a cool red one, you might as well use that. Anyways, go through the level until you reach a part where there are four blue and green horizontal pipes that you have to choose from. Instead of going in one of those, go in the small vertical pipe nearby. This will lead to an area that only Yoshi can cross. Go to the other side and grab the key and exit this area (note this Yoshi can’t bring the key to the next area in his mouth, you need to bring it by hand. So you have to leave the Yoshi behind. Lame, I know.) Once you’re back in the main area, head to the right to find the keyhole.

Pipe Castle Secret Exit

NEED: Vine

You need to have the Vine item in order to get this secret. Go through the first area of the castle until you reach two pipes, one leading up and one leading down. Take the one leading down. In this area, head left until you see some enemy-only blocks on the ceiling. Use the vine item so that the vine “eats” one of these blocks, and then bounce off of a koopa to reach the vine and climb it. Go in the pipe up there to reach the key and keyhole.

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