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Ice World 1 Secret Exit

Towards the end of the first area, the path splits up and right, with right leading to a dead end… or not. Keep heading right, and through a fake wall, to reach the key and keyhole

Ice World 2 Secret Exit

When you start this level, fall down the third pit to reach the keyhole. Note this location, obviously it’ll come in handy later. Now head all the way to the right until you’re forced to scale a cliff. Instead of going up, go down in the space below the cliff to reach the key. Now take the key all the way back to the left and fall down the pit to reach the keyhole.

Ice World Igloo Secret Exit

NEED: Fire Flower

Head through the level as normal, until you get to the end where you need to scale a vertical passage by freezing coins and jumping on them. Freeze the first (lower) set, but not the second. Instead, collect the second set of coins and shoot a fireball at the left wall to destroy a block. Head through the left wall to reach the key and keyhole.

Ice Castle Secret Exit

Go through the yellow pipe to the right in the area where you have to use a P-block to cross a pit. In this underground area, go up the pipe located before the wall of destructible blocks. Go through the next area and down the pipe at the end to reach the (supposedly) same area, only now you're to the right of the destructible blocks. Use a cape or koopa shells to break the destructible wall, and head all the way to the left and through the pipe you originally entered this area from. Instead of going back to the previous area, you'll reach the key and keyhole.

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