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Desert World 2 Secret Exit

NEED: Cape

If you use the cape and fly up at the beginning of the level, you can reach the key. Take it with you and go down the first pipe. After you emerge in the new area, go down the pipe on your left, which’ll lead to the keyhole surrounded by blocks. Drop your key off here and proceed to the left. Eventually, you’ll reach some rotating platforms and an arrow made out of coins that points up. Fly up that area to get a gray P-block and take it with you back to the right. You’ll need to fly up a corridor in order to get back into the area with a bunch of yellow pipes side by side. When you make it back up there, hit the gray P-block and fall down onto the chomping plants, which have now been converted into coins. You’ll fall through the floor (fake wall) and into the corridor beneath. Take the pipe down there to reach a blue P-block, and hit that one and take the pipe to the left to get back to the keyhole, whose surrounding blocks should have changed to coins. You now can exit the level.

Desert World 4 Normal Exit

Be sure to note that there are TWO clouds that you'll need to ride on across the level. The second is right below the first, be sure to "activate" it.

Desert Pyramid Normal Exit

In order to reach this exit, you need one of the two P-blocks in this level. The first one can be found above the lava pit in the eastern part of the level, but you need a fire flower in order to destroy the blocks surrounding it. The second one can be found by taking the exit at the far right of the pyramid, which leads to the “outer” area. If you go left and take the top pipe, you’ll be lead into a dead end with a power-up and P-block. Once you have a P-block, you need to down the pipe in the bottom of the main pyramid, not far to the left of the fire pit. Go all the way down the pit with the P-block, and use it at the bottom to change the blocks in your way to coins and reach Reznor.

Desert Pyramid Secret Exit

NEED: Cape, Flower

For this exit, you’ll need both P-blocks. Make sure you have a flower in your inventory before trying this. A cape may be necessary as well because you can’t easily climb chains when you’re carrying an item. First, get the one outside, and bring it down the pipe needed to reach Renzor. You’ll notice the key as you descend this area. Stand on the platform just on the other side of the wall blocking the key and hit the P-block. This wall will change to coins, allowing you access to the key. Take it back to the main area and go straight up, which will lead to a corridor at the top of the screen that leads left. At the end of this corridor is a text block. Drop the key here and go get the other P-block, making use of your fire flower. Make sure you do not leave the main area as you do this, or else the key will disappear. Bring the P-block to where the key is and hit it. A couple of blocks on the ceiling of the end of the corridor will turn to coins. Jump up on top of the screen with the key, and run all the way to the right. This will lead to the keyhole.

Desert Castle Secret Exit

NEED: Cape, Grey block item (goomba, any color koopa)

If you have access to a gray block containing a goomba or koopa, it’s recommended that you bring it with you for this exit. If you don’t have one, you’ll at least need a cape. When you enter the level, you’re soon faced with a split in the path: a low road and a high road. If you have a goomba/koopa, take the low path. If you don’t, take the high one. We’ll assume you don’t for the moment, but if you do, you can skip the next couple steps. If you take the high path, you’ll be led down a pipe which will lead to a new area. Head to the right, past the koopas climbing on the chain link fence. There will be a lone koopa past this area, jump on him and take his shell. Continue to the right with it until you see a blue pipe in the ceiling. Fly up with your shell and through the pipe. You’ll emerge at the area you started in, with your shell. Slightly to your left will be a block surrounded by two enemy-only blocks. Kick the koopa shell down there to hit the block and reveal a P-block. Likewise, if you started the level with an enemy item and took the lower path, you’ll end up at this area and be able to use your item to hit the block containing the P-block. Hit the P-block, and head right and up the coins-to-blocks and into a blue pipe. Go through the next area safely to reach the key and keyhole.

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