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IMPORTANT: Once you complete Big Boo's World 1, the path behind you will close, forcing you to trudge ahead until you have completed most of the world.

NOTE: You should beware of how the levels in Big Boo World work. Getting the normal exit on a level will open up the path ahead, but also close off the path behind you. Getting the secret exit will open up the closed path two levels back. In other words, if you get the normal exit before the secret one on a level, you won't be able to go back to the Star World until either you beat one of the Boo level's secret exits first or you reach Boo World 6.


Big Boo's Star Road Secret Exit

From your experiences in Star World, you should definitely know better than to get the secret exit before the regular exit. If you do so, you're locked out forever, and you probably deserve it for being so dumb.

Big Boo's World 1 Normal Exit

NEED: Cape

This level is identical in most ways to the Pipe Fortress, only it is "alive" now. What you have to do is collect a feather and then fly up in the main room to find a pipe on the ceiling and go in there. If you need to find a feather, there's a P-block in the main room full of destroyable blocks. It's in the top block four to the right of the two metal blocks. If you hit it, a secret door will appear that leads to power-ups. But watch out! Once you hit it, all the blocks will turn to ghosts. You'll definitely take a hit here.

Big Boo's World 1 Secret Exit

Go to the door to the right in the main room (or go through the secret room with the powerups) to get to the room with the lava pit. Above the pipe are some invisible coin blocks. If you hit them, you can climb on top of the screen and go to the right to find the key and keyhole.

Big Boo's World 2 Secret Exit

In order to get this secret, you need to be small Mario. Go through the level through until you get to the point where there are four green "!" blocks stacked on top of each other. Go down the pipe (as small mario only) under these blocks to reach the key. Exit this area via the pipe on your left. Now take the key back to the right, past the area with the "!" blocks, and to the next part, where there are a bunch of small pipes that go down and come back up again (before the next set of pirahna plants.) At the bottom of these pipes, go in the one on the left to reach the keyhole.

Big Boo's World 3 Secret Exit

NEED: Cape

Go through the level until you reach a series of platforms so close to the ceiling that you can see the black plants at the top. One of these platforms has a dragon coin on it, in the middle of a circle of ghosts. Fall down below these platforms to reach another platform with a gray P-block and a vine. Bring the P-block to the end of the area (where the door is) and then use it to change the black plants into coins, and then fly up and over the right wall. Go in the door here to reach the next area, which is filled with fake keys and keyholes. How do you tell which one is real? Cheat. Turn off the layer 1 of your emulator, and all the fake keys will disappear except for the real one (note: there's at least one fake key which does not obey this rule. The real key is in a large pile near the end. If the one you see doesn't meet this criteria, then don't pick it up.) Take the real key to the real keyhole, which is the one under the second information block in this area.

Big Boo's World 4 Secret Exit

NEED: Cape

This level is tricky. It's hard to explain exactly where the key is, since there are few distinguishing features that describe a given area. You want to go through the level until you reach a place where there's a moderately long platform about halfway between the bottom and the top of the level, and there's a dragon coin above it. If you fall below this platform and float under it, you'll reach a "?" block. Hit it with your cape to get one of those items that makes Mario float. Float up and right to reach a lone "?" block with the key inside. Hover above the key until the floating runs out, and then grab it and drop back down. Go to the right, down a series of boo platforms, until you reach a platform that doesn't change into boos at the bottom with a dragon coin on it. Then start climbing up the boo platforms to the right. When you're at the top, drop down below the long platform to reach another platform with the keyhole.

Big Boo's World 5 Normal Exit

NEED: Cape

Beware of touching objects in this level - they're liable to become boos and damage you. Run through the level and then fly up at the end to reach the real door - the door on the bottom is fake and made out of boos.

Big Boo's World 5 Secret Exit

NEED: Cape

Fly up towards the middle of the level to reach a platform with keys and keyholes. Some of them are really boos, though. The real key is the first one, and the real keyhole is the second one.

Big Boo's World 6 Secret Exit

NEED: Grey block item (star) OR CAPE AND CAPE IN ITEM BLOCK

If you have a star in the item block and all switch palaces completed, you can get to the exit. However, if you have a cape in the item block, press select while standing next to the black plants. When the feather is almost all the way down to the ground, jump into the black plants and then grab the feather. This gives you temporary invincibility and enough time to run and fly to the end.

Big Boo's Tower

At last! You made it! Now you have to climb. 100 levels. Yep, it takes a long time and is pretty boring. In case you're having trouble figuring out how to climb, use the chains above the candles.

Big Boo's Secret! Normal Exit

Hm, pretty empty, isn't it? Maybe. Use a cape to fly to the top of the mushroom house to get a gray P-block. Hit it, and then go back inside the house to find a hidden pipe. Go down it to reach the secret area, then go into a pipe to the right. Go to the right in that room, and there's a rainbow star.

Big Boo's Secret! Secret Exit

Yes, seriously. First, the hidden Star World. Then the hidden exit in Bowser's castle. Then the secret exit in the ...? level. Then the Big Boo's Secret. THEN the secret room in that secret level in the secret world hidden inside a secret in a secret world! But guess what? There's a secret exit here too. D:

Go into the secret area and get the key item. Use it (you have to jump on the floaty thing or something first to make it drop down) and then take it to the keyhole.

Big Boo's Secret! Advance World

Using the cloud from one of the grey item boxes, push upwards against the top of the secret room a little to the right of the pipe you entered by. Soon you will find a spot where you can go straight up. When you get above the top, go to the right for quite a while until you find bricks spelling out "SMA2" (The short form of the Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario World) and a door. You can't miss them. Go through the door, and you will find that you are in original SMW levels - but with Super Mario Advance 2 palettes! IMPORTANT: Do not touch the midway points! If you do then every time you visit Big Boo's Secret (even after saving and quitting) you will die! To get from one level to the next in the advance world, take a secondary exit (i.e. in the first level in the pipe under the turn blocks). All secondary exits in each level lead to the same place.

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