Super Demo World: The Legend Continues

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The tile screen of this hack is shown here.
Super Demo World: The Legend Continues (Or SDW: TLC for short) is a full hack of Super Mario World that was created by FuSoYa and Zero-G. It was an expansion on Super Demo World, which had only a few levels and no changes to the overworld. DW:TLC, however, hacked SMW to its fullest extent, and is a "demonstration" of what Lunar Magic can do.




Super Demo World: The Legend Continues contains 10 worlds, 84 levels and 120 exits. Since this hack is a "demonstration", the levels can vary wildly, with several different themes present in the game, many of which were nonexistent in the original SMW. Two of the harder levels are Pipe World 2 (because of a frustrating pipe maze) and Big Boo's Tower (due to 100 floors)

Crystal Cavern Secret Messages

In Crystal Secret, Crystal Cavern 2, Crystal Cavern 3, Crystal Cavern 4, and Crystal Cavern 5, you'd get an interesting series of secret messages by using the message block found in Water Secret. For all levels except Crystal Secret, you'd need to disable all layers except Layer 3, as well as the HDMA emulation switch. They all hint at Lunar Magic's compatibilty to Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

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