Sunken Ghost Ship

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Super Mario World Level
Sunken Ghost Ship
Secret Exit? No
Level(s) # 18, F7, F8
Notes This level activates the earthquake sequence.
Valley of Bowser 1
Sunken Ghost Ship
Wendy's Castle
List of Levels

Sunken Ghost Ship, Level 18, is a notable level in Super Mario World. It takes place underwater, as the name states. The level is notable for two reasons. First, it is the only level containing two certain sprites, the Boo Maze (called "Reappearing Ghosts" in Lunar Magic), which makes a lot of Boos surround you and force you to find a safe way through, vanish after a few seconds, then reappear in a new pattern soon after that, and the Goal Sphere, which ends the level. Coincidentally, this is the ONLY level in which the Goal Sphere ever appears, despite it being a commonly used item in hacks. Second, it is the gateway to the Valley of Bowser. Clearing this level causes the Bowser Head to rise out of the center of the Dinosaur Land main overworld, which serves as the portal.

Level Design

Sunken Ghost Ship consists into three underwater rooms. The first one is the ship's deck, it has four Bullet Bill cannons and a Pipe leading to the interior of the ship. The second room, Level F8 in Lunar Magic, is the interior of the ship, all across this room, the player has to avoid the Boo Maze and get to the pipe located at the end of the room which leads to Level F7, the third room of the level. This third room is a vertical level with no background where the player gets a Star and falls down to the spot where the Goal Sphere awaits them encountering several Koopas in the way. Also, if the player goes down the water below the cement blocks on which the Goal Sphere lies, he can get 3 1-UPs.


  • The background used in the second sublevel in Sunken Ghost Ship is unique, it wasn't used in any other level.
  • An earthquake happens when the player completes this level.

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