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The Stripe image format is the format in which, among other things, Layer 3 images are stored.

The image is stored as several horizontal or vertical "stripes" of tiles, each consisting of a four byte header followed by tile data (in YXPCCCTT format).

Header format

|Byte 1| |Byte 2| |Byte 3| |Byte 4|
EHHHYXyy yyyxxxxx DRLLLLLL llllllll

E              = End of data
HHH            = Data destination (VRAM address, see below)
Xxxxxx         = X coordinate
Yyyyyy         = Y coordinate
D              = Direction (0 = Horizontal, 1 = Vertical)
R              = RLE (see below)
LLLLLLllllllll = Length (amount of bytes to upload - 1)


If the RLE bit is set, the header is followed by a pair of bytes that gets repeated for a total of Length + 1 bytes.

Data destinations

010 Layer 1
011 Layer 2
101 Layer 3
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