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An image of the Status Bar in-game.

The Status Bar is the layer 3 object near the top of the screen which shows the player the Item Box, the Time Limit, amount of Coins, Yoshi Coins and Bonus Stars, and their total Score.

Hacking information

  • The status bar uses colours 8 to F from palettes 0x0 and 0x1.

SMW Status Bar Editor

The SMW Status Bar Editor is a tool that was created by Smallhacker, used to edit the Layer 3 images on the status bar and most of the counters (timer, lives , etc.) on it.

Status Effect

The successor of SMWSTBE, this is a more powerful and advanced utility for editing the status bar that has all the features the original program had and also allows editing of all counters, usage of .tpl files and Super Status Bar.

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