Star World 5

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Super Mario World Level
Star World 5
Supermarioworld 00005.png
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 136
Notes Final Star World level, yellow Yoshi, Special World access
Star World 1
Star World 5
Star World 4, Valley of Bowser 4, Front Door
List of Levels

Star World 5 is the fifth and final level in the Star World. Preceded by Star World 4 and proceeded by Gnarly. This level features the yellow Yoshi Egg and yellow Yoshi. Unlike the other Star World levels, obtaining the normal exit throws you back to Star World 1, and still is required for all 96 exits. It is required to have beaten the Green Switch Palace, the Red Switch Palace, the Yellow Switch Palace, and the Blue Switch Palace before being able to access the secret exit. The secret exit opens up the Special World and Gnarly.


The start of this level mostly consists of gray platforms and Koopa Paratroopas. The second mushroom platform yields a P-Switch, three Turn Blocks, and a ? Block with directional coins. Use the P-Switch and directional coins to bridge the gap and continue onward for more platforming. You'll know when it's over when you see a yellow Yoshi Egg. When approached, it hatches into a yellow Baby Yoshi, which can be fed 5 enemies to grow into a yellow Yoshi. The Giant Gate is near, so continue through the pipes and mushroom platforms until you reach it. Beating the level with the Giant Gate sends you back to Star World 1. To access the secret exit, you need to activate every Switch Palace in the game and be Cape Mario. Right before you get to the Yoshi Egg, fly upwards using the runway you created with the directional coins. Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue ! Blocks await. You cannot be on Yoshi and must be Small Mario (Or duck jump) to move on to the next set of ! Blocks. Once you've made it through the blue section of ! Blocks, you are awarded with a Key and Keyhole. That's not all, either. You now have access to the Special World!

Hacking Information

  • Level 136
  • GFX Files Used:
    • FG/BG GFX 06 (Rope 2)
      • FG1: 14
      • FG2: 17
      • FG3: 0C
      • BG1: 16
    • Sprite GFX 00 (Forest)
      • SP1: 00
      • SP2: 01
      • SP3: 13
      • SP4: 02
  • Level Mode 00, Horizontal Level
  • No Vertical Scroll unless Flying/Climbing/Etc
  • Music 02 'Here we go!'
  • Time limit 300
  • 11 Screens long
  • No layer 3
  • Sprite Memory 00
  • No sprite buoyancy
  • Layer 2 Scrolls:
    • Variable Scroll Horizontally
    • Variable Scroll Vertically

Entrances and Exits

The Main Entrance to Level 136 is on screen 00, X=1, Y=6, and S=1. There is no Midway Entrance. There is no Sublevel.

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