Star World 1

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Super Mario World Level
Star World 1
Supermarioworld 00004.png
Secret Exit? Yes
Level(s) # 134
Notes 1st Star World level, red Yoshi
Star World 2
Star World 1
Star World 5
Donut Secret House
List of Levels

Star World 1 is the first level in the Star World. Preceded by Donut Secret House and proceeded by Star World 2. This level features the red Yoshi Egg and red Yoshi. The secret exit leads to Star World 2. Like all Star World levels, obtaining the normal exit does not let you advance, but is required for all 96 exits. This is the only level in the game where "Here We Go!" plays in an underground setting.



The level begins with Mario next to a Mushroom. Fall down the pit to encounter a massive amount of Turn Blocks. Spin Jump to the left to get some coins, or to the right to get a Yoshi Coin. The second set of Turn Blocks hide a Key and Keyhole, a Yoshi Coin, a Feather, and a Fire Flower. Spin Jump to the right to access the secret exit. The fourth set of Turn Blocks hold another Yoshi Coin and a 1-Up Mushroom. The fifth and sixth set of Turn Blocks yield Stars, Koopa Troopas, and the final two Yoshi Coins. At the very end lies a lonely red Yoshi Egg. When approached, it hatches into a red Baby Yoshi, which can be fed 5 enemies to grow into a red Yoshi. Go through the green horizontal pipe and come in contact with the Giant Gate to beat the level. Beating the level with the Giant Gate does not open new levels or events.


As Cape Mario, Begin to Spin Jump down an area with stacked Turn Blocks, knocking blocks on the side with your cape. When four Turn Blocks are spinning, knock another one and go back to where the first one you hit was; the Turn Block will consequently close, and you will spiral through the blocks.

Hacking Information

  • Level 134
    • Sublevel 1D6
  • GFX Files Used:
    • FG/BG GFX 03 (Underground 1)
      • FG1: 14
      • FG2: 17
      • FG3: 0C
      • BG1: 1A
    • Sprite GFX 00 (Forest)
      • SP1: 00
      • SP2: 01
      • SP3: 13
      • SP4: 02
  • Level Mode 0A, Vertical Level
  • Vertical Scroll at Will
  • Music 02 'Here we go!'
  • Time limit 300
  • 0A Screens long
  • No layer 3
  • Sprite Memory 00
  • No sprite buoyancy
  • Layer 2 Scrolls:
    • Variable Scroll Horizontally
    • Variable Scroll Vertically

Entrances and Exits

The Main Entrance to Level 134 is on screen 00, X=8, Y=3, and S=0. There is no Midway Entrance.
The only Exit from Level 134 is on screen 09 to Level 1D6.

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