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Star World's Submap

Star World is one of two secret worlds in Super Mario World. All of its 5 levels have a secret exit, and the 5 accessible Star Road Warps connect to the overworld, creating shortcuts. Star World can also be used to complete the game in only 11 levels in a speed run.

You can also find all of the coloured Yoshis in this world. The Red Yoshi can be found in Star World 1 and Star World 4, the Blue Yoshi is in Star World 2, and the Yellow Yoshi can be found in 3 and 5.

Star World contains the following 5 levels:

ID Name
134 Star World 1
130 Star World 2
132 Star World 3
135 Star World 4
136 Star World 5

Star Roads

Star Roads are star-shaped patches that connect other worlds to Star World. There is also a Star Road connecting Star World to the Special World, and a one-way patch that connects Special World to Yoshi's Island. A Star Road is typically discovered after finding a specific Secret Exit.

Star Road Locations

  • Star World: The secret exit of Star World 5 will lead to a star that connects to Gnarly in the Special World.


  • Star World appears again in the game Super Mario RPG. There, it is called Star Road, which is the name of the warp stars themselves in Super Mario World. However, it's generally assumed that the Star Road in Super Mario RPG is the same Star World here.
  • Star World is one of only three worlds in Super Mario World where finding the secret exit in its levels is the only way to continue, the others being the Forest of Illusion and Chocolate Island. Every level requires the player to find a secret exit in order to progress, as the normal exit through the Goal Tape will send Mario back to the corresponding Star Road. However, this is required to get all 96 exits. The only exception is Star World 5, where the secret exit leads you to the Special World, and the normal exit links Star World 5 with Star World 1.
  • Star World 3 is notable for being the shortest level with a goal exit in Super Mario World, being only 3 screens long!
  • Finding Star Roads is the preferred method of speedrunning Super Mario World, as the game can be completed in only 11 levels by going straight to the Star Road in Donut Plains upon reaching the world, then completing Star World 1 through Star World 4, thus opening the path to Bowser's Castle.

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