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Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

GFX00 (SP1)


A (actually flashes through all sprite palettes)

A Starman, also mentioned as "Super Star" in the Super Mario World instruction booklet, commonly shortened to just "star", is a flashing star that grants invincibility from the Super Mario series of games. When granted invincibility, Mario flashes through a sequence of colors, and kills almost any enemy when touched. It also lets you walk over objects that can damage Mario, such as the black pirahna plant. Stars may also refer to "Power Stars" from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. These did not grant invincibility, but were used to restore power to Princess Peach's castle (Super Mario 64) or Rosalina's Starship (Super Mario Galaxy).


Hacking Information

  • Direct Map16 object 119 is a revolving block that contains a Star. Object 121 is a ? Block that contains one. Object 11A is a revolving block that could contain a "Star 2", 1-Up Mushroom, or vine depending on its X position, while object 122 is a ? Block that always contains a Star 2.
  • The actual Star itself is sprite 76. It's available under Standard Sprites.
  • It theoretically uses Palette A, but actually flashes through the sprite palettes and causes the player to flash through the palettes of Mario, Fire Mario, Luigi, Fire Luigi.
  • The Star's graphics are stored under SP1 and in GFX00, at tiles 48, 49, 58, and 59.

"Star 2"

A block marked as containing a "star 2" means that it will contain a Star if Mario is invincible, but a coin if he isn't.

Not entirely invincible

If you have a star powerup, you are still able to die. You can die when you fall into a bottomless pit, lava, if you get crushed by one of the layers in the game (but not the Layer 3 smasher), or when the time runs out.


If you kill enemies consecutively, you will start accumulating points. After the 7th enemy, you will start accumulating 1-Ups. However, if you kill a Wiggler after the 8th enemy has been killed, it will give you a 2-Up instead of a 1-Up.

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