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Spud Alpha is a user from SMW Central. He has likes videogames, including Mario, all of his life. Super Mario World was a very special game in his childhood. He discovered SMW hacking somewhere between 2005-2007, and began hacking SMW himself in early 2009. He joined soon after he began hacking. Since then, Spud has focused mostly on vanilla hacking.



Back to the Classics

This is Spud Alpha's first complete hack, and his pride and joy.

Other Hacks

Spud Alpha has many sketchy, mostly unknown hacks he's created.

Spud Alpha's very first hack, which was called Back to the Classics (but it wasn't the one that was released), was created in early 2009. It was only 3 or so levels long. It had a few nice palettes, and wasn't nooby, as Spud had been around the hacking scene for years, and knew that cutoff, floating munchers, and blatant level edits were bad both from the community and his common sense.

Another hack Spud Alpha was called Quest in the Seven Kingdoms. It was only 4 levels long when his computer crashed and he lost it. It featured ExGFX, custom palettes, and a custom overworld. Spud had many plans for this hack. It was pretty fun. The story of the hack was that the Mushroom Kingdom was reenacting a play. The story of the play was that an evil king of a place called the Pepper Kingdom sent his children to the castles of the rulers of 6 different kingdoms in order to trap the rulers and take the kingdoms for themselves. The Pepper King then captured a lovely maiden. The maiden's boyfriend went on a quest to save the kingdom rulers and the maiden. In the play, Mario was to play the hero, Peach was to play the maiden, the (now a good guy) Bowser was to play the Pepper King, the Koopalings were to play the Pepper King's children, and some Yoshies were to play the trapped kingdom rulers.

Spud also made a hack called the "Water Lava Labyrinth". It was a maze of water and lava that took place out and inside. It was pretty fun to play, although it had a bit of cutoff (the lava was just squares of lava and the same with the water), because Spud Alpha didn't really care about it. Spud had complicated plans to make this into a full length, explore-based hack.

Spud created a small vanilla sidehack, which he accidentally deleted. It had pseudo-3D and vanilla custom foregrounds.

Spud also made many tiny hacks. Inspired by Kyntt Stories, a hike Spud once took, and the beautifully atmospheric hack "Massimo", Spud went on to create an ambient hack around Christmas of 2009. He didn't finish one level, but it was pretty good looking. This hack comes in Spud's Unreleased Hack Collection. He also made a variety of nice test ROMS and unused overworlds he made for fun. He made levels and didn't enter them for a few contest, and attempted to make chocolate hacks a few times.

He also entered a level into the Vanilla Level Design Contest 2011, called the Sea Brine Shrine.


  • Spud Alpha's name is derived from a few things. Many years ago, in a Strongbad email on homestarrunner.com, a person who called themself "Spud Jr." once emailed Strongbad. Spud Alpha liked the name, and so when he went to register an email account in 2005, he wanted to be dubbed "spud". However, this was taken, so his brother suggested adding "alpha" at the end.
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