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SpriteTool in use
SpriteTool window

Sprite Tool is a program that allows custom sprites to be inserted into a ROM. There are two commonly-used versions: one made by mikeyk, which assembles sprites in TRASM format only, and one made by Romi, which can assemble sprites in either TRASM or xkas format. To use Sprite Tool, one must first make a text file containing a list of all sprites that should be inserted, such as:

00 shyguy_bluered.cfg
01 snift_bluered.cfg
02 tweeter_carryable.cfg
03 beezo_carryable.cfg
04 ninji_bluered.cfg
05 firebar.cfg
06 grand_firebar.cfg
07 blooper.cfg
08 nipper_smb3.cfg
09 chainchomp.cfg
0A para_beetle.cfg
0B chompshark.cfg
0C moving_platform_cardinal.cfg

The sprite number comes first, followed by the name of the sprite's CFG file. Sprite numbers 00-BF are normal sprites; their .cfg files should all be placed in the "sprites" folder that comes with Sprite Tool. Sprite numbers C0-CF are shooters (Bullet Bill shooters, Torpedo Ted launchers, and the like), and they should be placed in the "shooters" folder. Sprite numbers D0-DF are generators, and they should be placed in the "generators" folder. Sprites E0-FF are invalid. To insert the sprites, open up Sprite Tool, and it will ask you for the name of a ROM. Input the path to a ROM, preferably in the same folder as Sprite Tool, and then it will ask you for the text file containing your sprite list. Input that, and the tool will begin inserting sprites. Sprite Tool can be found here, and more custom sprites can be found here.

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