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Sprite number(s)



Normal sprite

Graphics file(s)

02 (SP4)



A spiny in Lunar Magic's Add Sprites Window.

A Spiny is a small, red, smooth-shelled Koopa with several large white spikes growing out of its back. Don't jump on these porcupine-like creatures or you will be pricked by the spikes. Ouch!

General information

Spinies appear to be related to other "primitive" Koopas such as Buzzy Beetles and Spike Tops. However, unlike these cousins, Spinies are famously vulnerable to Mario's fireballs. Spinies are thrown from the sky in "egg" form by Lakitus. It is likely that this "egg" is merely Spiny rolled up into a ball instead of an actual infantile form. In Super Mario World you can spin jump on top of them.

Hacking information

Spinies and Buzzy Beetles occupy the same graphics space and cannot both exist in a level with proper graphics. Many hackers make a practice of using Spinies with the underground sprite set (GFX04), which causes them to appear as Red Buzzy Beetles, but is frowned upon as an excuse for what is technically glitched graphics, and goes against the often made excuse of being "Hot Buzzy Beetles" due to their vulnerability to fireballs (although Tweaker can fix this).

In Tweaker, if you set the "Inedible" Option, then Yoshi will be able to spit out Spiny Shells. However, due to there being no Graphics for the Shell-hiding Spiny, it will show the Next Graphic, which is where 1/4 of the two Falling Spiny Sprites are, so it is probably better to edit MikeyK's Spiny with the CFG Editor.

Related Addresses

ROM Addresses
PC SNES Description
x09DCE $01:9BCE Spiny tilemap (Walking frame 1, walking frame 2, unused turning) [80 82 80]
x09DD1 $01:9BD1 Spiny Egg tilemap [84 84 84 84 94 94 94 94]
x08E31 $01:8C31 Sprite that Spiny Egg turns into upon contact with ground [13] (Spiny)
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