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Sparky in Wendy's Castle.
A Sparky (or Lil' Sparky) is an electric foe from Super Mario World.

Sparky is a ball of erratic yellow electricity with two dot eyes. The precursor to Sparky was Super Mario Bros. 2's Spark, which travelled along walls at fast or slow speeds. Super Mario World's Sparky has only one speed, a medium fast, but it follows the same behavior of hugging walls, floors, and ceilings. Sparky is only found in Wendy's Castle in the original game, where it circles around floating stones, not unlike a Spike Top. Larger Sparkies called Hotheads also reside in this area.

Mario is not allowed to touch Sparky in almost any way, but he can use spin jumps to bounce off of them. Fireballs and cape swipes will not harm them, but they can be destroyed with stars and Yoshi can eat them.

Hacking Information

Sparky is sprite A5. It uses the yellow palette A. Its graphics will only show up correctly with the castle sprite set. (SP3=GFX12) Sparky is actually the same sprite as a ground-guided Fuzzy. The graphics will be either Sparky or Fuzzy depending on whether the level is a castle.

If you use ExGFX to replace this enemy with a Fuzzy, the Fuzzy will act as if it's rapidly alternating between being right-side up and upside-down!

Related ROM Addresses

0x1407A [0A] Sparky tilemap

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