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Also known as

Spadingo, Spadicks, Spadinosaur, etc.



Knows of

Graphical and overworld editing, ExAnimation, some ASM, music

Join date

November 22, 2007


December 16, 1994

Known For

Being funny/annoying. Not known for much in the way of SMW hacking.

Spade is a 15 year old SMW hacker who joined on November 22, 2007. He has never finished a full SMW hack due to his impatience, laziness, and general dislike for designing levels. Spade is one of the top posters on the site, and is generally seen as funny, immature, idiotic, annoying, and one of the biggest postcount++ers on the site. Spade is also the owner of the IRC channel #extreme and usually the leader of the various antics they cause on SMWC.



Spade has never finished a full SMW hack. He has canceled one hack, The Eggs of Saear, which is now known as The Eggs of Saear 1. His current hack, The Eggs of Saear, was previously known as The Eggs of Saear 2. There is no demo yet.

Spade's strengths lie in graphical and overworld editing, and his weaknesses are ASM, level design, and music.

The Eggs of Saear 1

The Eggs of Saear 1 was Spade's first SMW hack, but it is now canceled.

Bowser heard of a strange new world, in which a huge treasure supposedly lied. No one knew where it was hidden, what it was, or if it even existed. Being the greedy Koopa he is, Bowser set out to search for it. While doing so, he decided to take over the strange land. He stole the Eggs of Saear from the people and used their power to help in his mission.

Mario followed Bowser to this land in order to stop him.

The Eggs of Saear

The Eggs of Saear is Spade's second SMW hack.

Its plot revolves around Aden, a boy who lost his memory somehow and found himself on a beach. Not knowing how he got there, he begins his journey north back to his hometown of Crois, where a ceremony is being held. The Eggs of Saear, sent down by the gods thousands of years ago, are finally hatching. What does it mean?

Along his journey, Aden meets a mysterious bunch who wants to take the Eggs and harness their power for their own dark agendas...

There is much more to the plot, which Spade already has planned out, but it will be revealed in time.


Spade is the owner of the IRC channel #extreme on #extreme is a general discussion channel with few rules. Other significant frequent members include Megafonzie, Blumiere, Red_Chameleon, Jumpluff_999, Lucas, and An00bis.

Every now and then, "extreme activities" are organized. These are pranks or events that usually take place on SMWC's forums, and they include the Probopass thread, the SEARCH thread series, and the Area 6 thread.

Trivia + Miscellaneous

Spade owns 3 cats and a parakeet.

Spade is a moderate Touhou fan. He hates most of Touhou's fandom though.

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